The Northern Continent is the largest known continent in the Suikoden world, as well as the most revealed. Several nations make their home on the northern continent. It is one of the most heavily populated of all known regions in the world thus far.


Located in the center of the world, the North Continent is surrounded by ocean. The Island Nations Federation lies to the direct south of the Northern Continent, the Gaien Dukedom and Black Dragon Island to the south west, and Kanakan to the south east. The Western Continent and Southern Continent lie to the far west and far south of the Northern Continent, respectively.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

The majority of the Northern Continent features a temperate climate, with numerous large forests spread throughout the land. The physical geography varies from region to region, from the mountainous Toran Republic to the plains of the Grasslands and the gravelly soil of the Tinto Republic. There are a great deal of lakes and rivers flowing through the Northern Continent, most notably of which are the Toran and Dunan Lakes.

List of NationsEdit

Nations located on the Northern Continent include:

Nations located on the Northern Continent in the past include:

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