North Window Village is a location in Suikoden II. It is located to the northwest of South Window City, on the southwest side of Dunan Lake. It eventually becomes a Headquarters named Dunan Castle.

History & LoreEdit

was once a bustling town with fortifications that made it virtually impenetrable to enemy attacks. Once known as the sister town of South Window City, North Window was transformed into a ghost town following Neclord’s ravaging of the countryside. Among the residents of North Window during this nightmare was Viktor, who lost his beloved Daisy in the violence.

In 460, the ghost town was again making headlines when it was discovered that citizens of South Window were disappearing. Granmeyer dispatched a reconnaissance party which included Riou, Freed Y., and Viktor to scout North Window. The party was reacquainted with Neclord, who was amassing an army out of the remains of his past victims. Even with the newly-acquired Star Dragon Sword and the assistance of vampire slayer, Kahn Marley, Neclord retreated and instead called upon one of his minions to attack the group.

North Window CastleEdit

Amid the confusion, South Window City was invaded by Solon Jhee's forces and Granmeyer’s head was subsequently sacked. Having nowhere else to go, refugees fled to North Window in an attempt to avoid the carnage. After recruiting Shu in Radat Town, Riou and his forces had to prepare for the first official battle of the New State Army in the vicinity of Dunan Castle. Using the fortifications left over from past battles, Riou was successful in driving back the Highland Army and the ruins became a symbol of the might of the New State Army.


  • The player has the opportunity to name the Castle fortress once it becomes a Headquarters. Viktor recommends against naming it North Window Castle, but there is no effect on gameplay, regardless.