A True Rune representing the "power of the night," this rune allows "creatures of the night," such as zombies, skeletons, and vampires to exist. According to Viktor, Only the Star Dragon Sword can seal off the Moon Rune's powers. There is argument over the nature of this rune due to the Zodiac Sword's claim that he is a "manifestantion" of the Night Rune. However, other sources state that the Night Rune is merely attached to its hilt. It is also known that the Zodiac Sword used to be another entity entirely, who had some past relations with Sierra Mikain. Whatever the truth is, the Night Rune also gives the Zodiac Sword the ability to destroy "creatures of the night", even vampires. The Zodiac Sword had been in possession of Viktor, but he passed it to Edge for "safekeeping", no one is certain whether Viktor or Edge actually aged while using the Zodiac Sword, so this doesn't serve as proof of whether the Zodiac Sword "is" the Night Rune. The Zodiac Sword itself is a legendary sword, never rusting, which makes one wonder if "immortality" even applies to inanimate objects


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