Grandleaf Oil

New Leaf Academy

Located in Greenhill City, New Leaf Academy is a famous school that is well known for providing an excellent education on many subjects, such as appraisal, history, rune mastery, smithing, and other subjects. Due to it's prestigious reputation, students come not just from the Greenhill principality, but also from all around Dunan and even far beyond the borders of Dunan to attend the academy.


The school was opened in SY 362 by Alen Wisemail under the name of the Grand Leaf Academy. The school came to play an important part in the politics of the region due to the Academy's insistence that the school should be independent from Muse City. Subsequently, Greenhill became a separate principality from Muse. When Greenhill joined the Jowston Alliance, the Academy changed its name from Grand Leaf Academy to New Leaf Academy.

Currently, Emilia serves as the the principal of New Leaf Academy.

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