Neclord's Castle is located in the southern part of the Lorimar region. During the last days of the Scarlet Moon Empire, the Imperial Magistrate of the Lorimar region, Neclord, ordered a large castle built.

Neclord's castle outer view.

The gothic fortress is so gigantic it takes from dawn to dusk to travel from the steps of Neclord's Castle to its highest peak. The castle would come to be infamous in the Lorimar region, as Neclord would go from village to village, using his zombie slave army to force the villages into allowing him to abduct women from the villages as his brides. It is said that the screams of many young women could be heard from the gothic castle, most likely, the screams of Neclord's brides upon finding out their fates.

During the Toran Liberation War, Neclord came to Warrior's Village, taking Tengaar, the daughter of the Chief of Warrior Village, Zorak, captive as his bride. Several members of the Liberation Army, including Tir McDohl happened to be there; along with the warriors of the village, they ran to the castle, eager to fight for her return. A small group including Tir, Viktor, who had a grudge to settle with Neclord, and Hix, a youth of Warrior’s Village with romantic feelings for Tengaar, infiltrated the castle, and thanks to the use of the Star Dragon Sword, were able to successfully rescue Tengaar and stop Neclord. Its owner gone, the castle became abandoned.

The Castle's Keeper
A strange non-aggressive zombie with an annoying laugh ("yuk yuk yuk!") lurks around in one of the basement rooms of the castle and offers Tir a few "tips" in exchange for bits. He offers clues about the painting puzzle on the 3rd floor of the castle that may have gamers without internet access frustrated for a little while.

  • 100 Bits: "Master Neclord always tells us: "Even in the forest, not just at night, during your work, praise the King."
  • 300 bits: he mentions that Neclord is the "King of the Night", referring to the last painting the player must check.
  • 10,000 bits, he starts getting more precise: "There are some paintings in the 3rd floor hall, and Master Neclord... don't look! ... the second painting from the right... I said don't look! ... and then, the third on from the right... stop looking!"
  • 25,000 bits: absolutely nothing, he says "You see, Master Neclord... gooogly goo!" but at least you get your bits back because Viktor will yell at him.

The proper order should be "Chestnut Tree" (in the forest), "Girl in the Early Afternoon" (not just at night), "Peasant Girl" (during your work), and "King of the Night" (praise the king).

He will disappear after Neclord is defeated, as Neclord's power was keeping him a zombie. In a weird twist, someone in Warriors' Village mentions a man who said the zombie's "first tip" having "disappeared recently". This means that the keeper was either a Warriors' Village resident, or someone who had just previously passed through before Tir's entourage arrived.

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  • Before fighting Neclord, you have a room with four coffins, you can rest in one of them, and heal your HP and MP. It is particularly handy to restore your party before the tough fight.

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