Nay Island

Nay Island is a location in Suikoden IV.

Actually made up of two smaller islands connected by the Suspension Bridge, most of Nay is already occupied with settlements, the southern island holding the human settlements on the south coast with the northern island being the home of the Nay-Kobold village.

Nay VillageEdit

A small village located on the shores of Nay Island, Nay Village is built on a hill running up the side of the island. Placed at the summit of this hill is a large inn known, naturally enough, for its great views of the surrounding area.


Flag of Nay

Peaceful and calm, Nay Village has a high population of elderly citizens due to the youthful members of the community moving away in order to escape what could be seen as the boredom of such a close-knit community.

In 303, following the Kooluk attack on Iluya, a fearful Nay populace committed to a policy of neutrality regarding Kooluk's Southern Expansion and the resistance group struggling to liberate the islands occupied by the Empire. However, Nay was still prepared to shelter refugees from Iluya.

The position of the town, based on a rocky hill, means that the buildings are placed close together, forming narrow streets that can suddenly turn in right angled corners. The layout of Nay Village often proves disorientating to Nay-Kobolds because of this feature.

Nay-Kobold VillageEdit


Nay-Kobold Village

A small settlement of Nay-Kobolds located on Nay Island, this village is presumed to be the hometown of all Nay-Kobolds, hence their name.

The Nay-Kobold Village is oddly designed, each building shaped like a cat or more accurately, a Nay-Kobold. Each building is also brightly painted, giving the settlement a vivid and surreal look. Due to the Nay-Kobold problem of being disorientated by right-angled corners, each house is actually circular in terms of floor planning.

As Nay-Kobolds have no problem interacting with humans the village contains a number of amenities including a trading post and an appraiser as well as a lottery booth. The village also has a hot spring settled in the northern reaches of the settlement. However, due to the Nay-Kobold adversity to water, business tends to be slow.

Stonecutter's FieldEdit


Stonecutters Field

A medium-sized plain that runs between Nay Village and the settlement of Nay-Kobolds and covers most of the southern Nay Island, the Stonecutter's Field is named as such due to the large number of rocks which litter the area. The Stonecutter's Field also holds a sparse amount of trees which eventually form a small forest on the fringes of the area. A long track cutting through the field leads travelers from Nay Village to the Suspension Bridge which connects the two areas of Nay Island.

Suspension BridgeEdit

It would appear that the two areas of Nay Island were once joined together. This is supported by the familiar terrain on each side of the Suspension Bridge as well as the fact that both sides have a river that would indeed join together if the two islands were connected. On the other hand, the continued flow of water from both rivers, over the edge of the islands and into the ocean, would suggest that both rivers have a source, one on each island.


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