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Tenjyu Star (Star of Longevity)


Portrait Nanami02
Japanese ナナミ Nanami
Status Alive S1,S2,S5
Unborn S4
Unknown S3
Appears in Suikoden II
Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1
Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2
Origin Kyaro
Born SY 444
Age 16 (Dunan Unification War)
Height ???cm
Relatives Adopted Father Genkaku
Adopted Brother Riou
Race Human
Position Martial Artist
Former Dunan Army member
Royal Guard
Attached Runes none
Seiyuu Matsuoka Yuki (Genso Suikoden II Drama CD)
Voice Actor None
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Nanami is the Tenjyu Star (Star of Longevity) in Suikoden II. Nanami is the step-sister of Riou and adopted daughter of Genkaku. As a young girl she mainly played with her brother and Jowy, and really nobody else, so she became an outcast along with the other two. She is an adept user of the three-piece-rod and her agility in battle is rarely bested. Following Genkaku's death, she tried hard to re-establish his dojo, but this did not work, which resulted in Riou's decision to join the military.

Upon Riou's return, she was imprisoned along with him, but escaped and joined Viktor's Mercenaries. Since then, she was always by Riou's side as his protector, but after Riou accepted his role as the leader of the Dunan Army, she began to wonder why her brother must be the leader.

Following that point, she tried to convince Riou to quit fighting and run away many times, but Riou kept on fighting. Eventually, she decided to simply let Riou fight out his war, but secretly she was hurt by the fact that her brother had to fight against their childhood friend, Jowy Atreides. During the siege on Rockaxe, Nanami was heavily injured by an arrow shot from Gorudo's Knights.She either dies from the wound or she is thought to have died, but this is just a ploy to get away from the war. She was tired of having to watch her brother suffer and she didn't want to fight against Jowy. Thus, she stayed in Kyaro until the end of the war. After the war, she travels with Riou and Jowy.


Nanami was a nice and happy person and sometimes being tomboyish. She was very caring and straightfoward to her brother, Riou as well as their childhood friend Jowy. During the conflicts of the war, she wants the two to stop fighting but both continues to fight each other due to their destiny with their true runes attached on their right hand.

During the siege on Rockaxe, she is shown to be protective to both Riou and Jowy even they have conflicts with each other as she wields her three-piece rod to confront Gorudo and his knight but she was heavily injured from their arrow shots causes both of them to get angry to them and to kill Gorudo.

In Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1, Nanami also shows that she's a horrible cook as seen when she prepares her stew to the protagonist Nash Latkje but the latter ends up get sick making her angry to him.


Nanami is a young girl with short brown hair and wears a pink headband. She wears a pink and white Chinese qipao with yellow short sleeves with pink and white folded sleeves, green baggy pants and Chinese toe shoes. She also wears a pale green scarf with green lines that is tied on her waist.

Suikoden IIEdit


Nanami joins automatically while escaping Kyaro.

Character Details
Cook 3

Unite Attacks

Nanami can participate in the Family Attack.

Recommended Runes

Spark Rune, Balance Rune and Water Rune.

Weapon Growth ChartEdit

Name Flower Rod Blossom Rod Eden Rod
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 7 9 11 12 17 22 37 44 51 59 69 78 91 125 145 165

Equipment ClassesEdit

Cap, Karate Uniform

War TacticsEdit

Nanami can be sided with other Riou's comrades in the war tactics as her only skill was the Medicine skill.

Richmond InvestigationsEdit

  • Secret: #1

Name: Nanami
Age: 16
From: Kyaro, Highland Kingdom
Position: Royal Guard
Note: None

  • Secret: #2

"Wow. I feel sorry for you all right. You had to eat her cooking when you were growing up? Blech!....."

  • Secret: #3

"It sounds like she really wants to go back to Kyaro. She's got lots of memories from there...."

  • Secret: #4

"Does she really have to train all night long? All the soldiers complain about the noise she makes."


Suggestion Box LettersEdit

  • Hey!

This is the suggestion box, huh. Just wanted to see if you'd read this. Hee hee hee. See ya, bro.

  • Home

Everyone here is so nice. But I still want to go back to Kyaro someday, don't you?

Cook-Off IntroductionEdit

"There must have been some rough meals for Riou growing up. Let's hear it for Nanami!!!"

Nanami: "Huh? What!!!! What do you mean!!!!"


  • If you don't take Nanami along with you to Two River, (i.e. she's not in your party when you return to the war room from there), she comments on her concern for you while you were away.
  • Beth is her fake name in Suikoden II.


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