The Nameless Lands are a large collection of nations and tribes to the north of the Zexen Confederacy and the Grasslands and westwards of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Trade between the region and the merchant's state of Zexen is said to be very common. The many nations in the region vary from large democracies to tribal anarchists. Various poisonous spiders also exist within the region and are used by assassins in their line of work.


  • Camaro is commonly said to be located within the Nameless Lands.
  • A military academy is located in one of the nations of the Nameless Lands. Boris Wizen attended this academy.
  • The Flame Champion once journeyed to the Nameless Lands where he helped save a tribal village from disease in some unspecified manner.
  • The localisation of Suikoden III lists Northern Territories and Northern Outlands as other names for the region. These do not appear in the Japanese version of the game.

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