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Mueller is the Tenkoku Star in Suikoden V.



Mueller is Wilhelm's partner and first officer on their units in Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade. Ever since he rescued Richard from his abusive father, Richard became extremely attached to him.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Mueller sense of duty is so strong. He is very strict with his unit and discipline them with an iron rod. He discipline Richard like everyone else on their unit and when Richard started to flatter over him, he hits him with his rod.

Story Edit

Game Edit

Before the Sun Rune War, he told Richard to join in the Sacred Game as a joke and Richard join. After Richard was drugged, Mueller was seen scolding Richard in the infirmary at the Stormfist.

During the Sun Rune War, Wilhelm's unit was hired by Salum Barows and so Mueller came in Barows Mansion with Wilhem. After the Armes invader came, Wilhelm along with Mueller leave Salum Barows and went to Raftfleet. Later they met Freyjadour Falenas in Raftfleet and hired them.

While he was staying at the Ceras Lake Castle, he asked Freyjadour to bring Richard with him back to Ceras Lake Castle. After the war, he keeps Wilhelm working part-time by prodding him full-time.

Role in the GameEdit

After Lordlake is restored talk to him at Raftfleet. If you only lost a small handful of men in the previous war he and Wilhelm will join. If not try the method below.

After the restoration of Lordlake, bring Viki to meet him and Wilhelm in the Raftfleet Inn. They can also be recruited later on at Lelcar or Doraat. You must bring Viki, or Faylen, or Norma. Do note that the Godwins will hire Wilhelm and Mueller at some point after you capture Doraat.

Mueller is a four-star military leader that can either command a cavalry unit, which receives one use of the Charge ability, or a ram ship. As a second-in-command, he gives the unit a +5 ATK power boost.

  1. Mueller is Wilhelm´s first officer in the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade. Wilhelm has a laid-back approach to command, so it´s on Mueller to keep things moving.
  2. They call him a "tyrant." He calls men "useless" for slacking off, curses them out, hits them with a rod, and scares them senseless. But other than that, he´s pretty resonable, so his troops don´t hate him, apparently.
  3. Richard is extremely attached to him, but Mueller won´t tell me anything about it. In fact, when I pestered him about it, he threatened me with that metal rod of his. Can you believe it?

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