Mt. Tigerwolf

Mount Tigerwolf is a location in Suikoden.

At 500 metres high, Mount Tigerwolf is one of the tallest mountains in Toran, located just a short distance from the small village of Sarady. It is well known as the entry point to the dangerous Banner Mountains. At one point, gold was mined in the mountain, and the miners themselves gave it its name as a means of scaring away intruders.

Climbing these mountains can be a treacherous endeavour. Kessler and Ledon, two bandits that reside on Mt. Tigerwolf, have been known to invite travelers in and offer them something known as Robber's Tea, to knock them out, and take valuables they have on them. One case of this happening is when Tir McDohl, Odessa Silverberg, Viktor, Gremio and Cleo, were travelling to Sarady, and Ledon offered them some Robber's Tea, and succesfully knocked them all out, not knowing that, that was Odessa, until Kessler walked in and scolded him for giving Odessa Robber's Tea, making Ledon return all the loot, prepare and antidote, and let them stay at their Inn on the mountain.