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The Mother Earth Rune is a stronger version of the Earth Rune. Like its weaker counterpart, it deals with earth magic.



  • Voice of Earth: 300 damage against all enemies
  • Copper Flesh: Defense 2x for one ally
  • Earthquake: 700 damage to all enemies
  • Guardian Earth: Improves defense for all allies

Suikoden IIEdit

  • Revenge Earth: Give one character 100% accuracy with retaliatory attacks for three turns
  • Canopy Defense: Repel one spell cast on group
  • Earthquake: 800 damage to all enemies on the ground
  • Guardian Earth: All allies defense and Magic Defense go up for all 5 turns
  • When embedded into a weapon, the users defense is raised by 15 points and recovers 5 HP during combat.

Suikoden IIIEdit

  • Vengeful Child: Protects one pair from all magic once
  • Guardian Earth: Cures foe and allies of all status and field effects
  • Earthquake: 800 damage to all enemies on the ground
  • Canopy Defense: Protects allies once from all magic

Suikoden IVEdit

  • Vengeful Child: Defend against one magic attack for one party member
  • Guardian Earth: Cure all status ailments for party members
  • Earthquake: 800 damage to all earthbound enemies
  • Canopy Defense: Defend against all magic once (all allies)

Suikoden VEdit

  • Vengeful Child: Protects one ally from one spell
  • Guardian Earth: Removes status changes from allies
  • Earthquake: 800 damage to all land-based enemies
  • Canopy Defense: Protect each ally from one spell

Suikoden TacticsEdit

  • Mother Earth Force: Changes elemental terrain to Earth. Creates a larger elemental area then the earth rune
  • Vengeful Child: Protects an ally from one magic spell/skill. Changes elemental terrain.
  • Earthquake: Randomly attacks non-flying units standing on Earth Element terrain.
  • Canopy Defense: Protects all in area from magic/skill once.

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