Moran Forest

The Moran Forest is a location in Suikoden. It stretches from the Great Forest Village to the Great Forest Kobold Village.

The Moran Forest is a thick forest filled with magic that no human could pass easily, the magic that bound the Forest of Moran was put in place by the Six Wise Men of the Forest after the Great Contract was signed between the various races living in the Great Forest region. It has even come to be called by humans as the "Forest of Illusion" due to its magical nature. Thanks to this, few humans were ever aware of the existence of the Dwarves, Elves, and Kobolds in Toran, even those in nearby villages such as the Great Forest Village. The forest became a haven for non-human species due to the Forest of Illusion, but the ward was broken when the tree that housed the village of the elves, Lukiae Ende Towayo, was destroyed by Kwanda Rosman using the Burning Mirror, and humans have since begun to explore the forest.

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