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Mohsen is the Chiyu Star in Suikoden V.



Mohsen is an armorer who owned a huge armor shop in Lelcar. He was one of the Godwins faction´s biggest supporters.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Story Edit

Game Edit

During the Sun Rune War, Zahhak one of the Queen's Knight torched Lelcar to escape, he was devastated. Mohsen was in front of the ruins of his shop when Freyjadour Falenas came and offer him a job. He accept the offer and he opened an Armor Shop in the Loyalist Army's headquarter the Ceras Lake Castle. After the war, he teams up with his craftsmen to sell wholesale. Together, they supply superb, Zelant-quality armor to the Queendom.

Role in the GameEdit

There are two ways to recruit Mohsen:

  1. While in Lelcar, buy about 50,000 worth of armor from his shop (normal armor only, Rare Find is not counted). After the destruction of Lelcar, talk to him, choose the first answer (blaming yourself), and offer him to open a new shop at your castle.
  2. Mohsen will move to Doraat soon after the Lelcar fire incident and if he doesn't join then, try purchasing more from his shop. He will move again to Hershville after Doraat is reclaimed by the enemy forces. (Possible bug with Mohsen: You may have difficulty recruiting Cathari later in the game if you recruit Mohsen while he is in Lelcar.)

Mohsen opens an Armor shop in your castle.

Mohsen has the Trade In ability that allows you to sell items instead of discarding them.

Mohsen adds the defense boosting ability Fortify to a military unit.

  1. Mohsen´s a merchant. He used to run a huge armor shop in Lelcar. He was one of the Godwin faction´s biggest supporters, right up until his shop got torched.
  2. I suppose it´d be smart business for any armorer to support Lord Godwin, but Mohsen didn´t care about the money. He genuinely believed in Lord Godwin´s cause. That betrayal must have cut him to the bone...
  3. He often goes around asking warriors how comfortable their armor is, or if they have any requests. Then he uses their answers to help shape his marketing strategies. The man loves his work, doesn´t he?

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