The Mischief rune is a very mysterious rune, so far it has only made two appearances. However, in both games, the rune had completely different properties. The Rune seems to stem from each separate user, and takes form from the users personal abilities/inner being.

Suikoden V Edit

A rune unique to Lu, the attack contains a bunch of crossbows falling from the sky and onto the enemies. The attack causes anywhere from 0.2x to 1x damage to all enemies, but then Lu becomes unbalanced.

Suikoden TacticsEdit

A rune unique to Noah, when stealing, it causes a random status ailment to the victim.


  • The Mischief Rune may in fact be a rune that randomizes it's effect, and varies by the persons innate abilities.
  • Although, most likely a coincidence. So far, the Mischief Rune has only been held by a Chikei Star (The Halted Star) and Chiku Star (The Empty Star). These two stars tend to become friends, which could lead to more questions or answers regarding this mysterious rune.

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