The Middleport Lordship is one of the most commercially vibrant constituent member nations of the Island Nations Federation. Located in the south of the Kuknasi Sea, the nation is comprised of Middleport Island as well as other small islands and territories.


Flag of Middleport

Flag of Middleport

295: Independence from GaienEdit

Originally established as a colony by the Gaien Dukedom along with Razril, Middleport quickly became a prominent area of trade and commerce in the region. However, in 295, following the Gaien defeat at El-Eal and Kooluk's counter-offensive, Middleport quickly found itself under Kooluk occupation. While this stand-off continued, Kooluk forces on the island discovered that Warlock was conducting research into creating powerful Rune Cannons by utilising creatures from another dimension.

In their earnest to secure themselves such a lofty prize, Kooluk came to an agreement with Gaien whereby the Kooluk occupation of Middleport would end only if the island was first allowed to declare its independence from Gaien and then allowed to conduct free trade with Kooluk. Gaien agreed to the terms, presumably eager to avoid having a Kooluk colony so near to their land, and so Middleport became a Lordship with the head of its government being the lord of the island, Schtolteheim Reinbach II.

299: Corruption and DestructionEdit

In 299, Middleport was mass producing Rune Cannons for the Kooluk Empire and shipping them via Orark Maritime Trade, a front for the infamous Cray Trading Company. As Reinbach II was only interested in his profit margins, the Middleport fleet quickly became corrupt and behaved much like pirates. Walter and his group visited the island, hoping to find information on the possible mutating capabilities of the cannons, however, the group were rebuffed by Reinbach's liason, Sigurd and then attacked at sea due to their potentially dangerous knowledge of the cannons.

However, before the two forces could fight to a finish, the two fleets were attacked by the pirate, Steele and his special model Rune Cannon. This incident decimated the Middleport fleet and just as Reinbach ordered Sigurd to eliminate Walter, Reinbach tried to have Sigurd dealt with. However, the former liason managed to escape with Hervey and the two were rescued by the pirate Kika.

302-307: Role in the Island Liberation WarEdit

In early 302, prior to the Island Liberation War, Middleport was still exporting Rune Cannons and ammunition to Kooluk with one such consignment being escorted by Gaien Knights who were led to believe the vessel was transporting spices for Orark Maritime Trade. These Middleport-made Rune Cannon shells were designed for El-Eal's gigantic Rune Cannon and were used in the destruction of Iluya.

Once the war began, Middleport maintained a neutral stance unwilling to jepordise security by opening alligning with one force over the other. Once the resistance movement against Kooluk landed at Middleport, Reinbach II openly explained the situation and negotiated a deal whereby the liberation movement would be free to do whatever business needed to be in Middleport but on the condition that Middleport remained neutral for the remainder of the war.

307-309: Member of the FederationEdit

Following the end of the Island Liberation War, Middleport agreed to become an inaugural member of the new Island Nations Federation with Schtolteheim Reinbach III, the son of the previous lord, taking the position of head of Middleport. By 309, most of the island's murky past had been hidden and buried, however, investigations into Rune Cannon development took place on the island several times during that year by Iskas, Kyril and Pablo among others.


The Middleport Harbor, where the player disembarks, contains the area's trading post and a shop where items can be appraised. Going further down is the Town Square, which houses the Smithery (weapons can only be upgraded there at the beginning of the game, when Lazlo is still a Gaien Knight), the equipment store and the item shop. To the right of this area is the inn, or the Ringlet Cottage, where the lottery can be played. Going straight ahead leads to the Lord's Mansion, the residence of Reinbach II.

Taking the left turn from the Town Square takes the player to a back alley, which leads to an empty house with a chest in the middle. The key to accessing the next area is to "choose the wrong way", as Pablo says; i.e. to choose the wrong answer to the question in the chest. Going below leads to a secret passage with several dead ends. Successfully crossing the passageways will lead the player to the Underground Laboratory, where Warlock can be found experimenting on Rune Cannons.



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