Mercenary Leader is a supporting character in Suikoden Tactics. The elven leader of a group of mercenaries, Mercenary Leader and her men joined Kyril briefly in his quest to destroy Rune Cannons before resuming their lives as wandering swords-for-hire.


The Mercenary Leader was the Elven leader of a ragtag group of mercenaries (Blue Mercenary, Red Mercenary and Yellow Mercenary) whom often seemed to cross paths with Kyril and his group during their investigation of Rune Cannons in the year 309. The various schemes she planned and/or implemented often crossed with those of Kyril's. In fact both groups fought a total of six times in various locations, including the Deserted Island (over a Rainbow Crab Shell), El-Eal (in Kyril's attempt to stop her group from impersonating the Knights of Razril for profit), Middleport Underground Path (where the mercenaries were hired by X & Co. to rough up Chiepoo during a scheduled meeting), Obel Ruins (over a rare Rage Dragon's Egg), Terana Plains, and Xasta Grassland (over a rare Blue Savage Sprout Flower).

Following all of these defeats, the Mercenary Leader sent a letter of challenge to Kyril, via the Middleport Quest Guild, in order to prove who the stronger group was once and for all. After being defeated in a final battle deep within the Obel Ruins elemental chambers, she conceded defeat and then decided to offer her help, along with her men, to Kyril's cause. As a skilled magician, especially with regards to water magic, the Mercenary Leader proved to be helpful to Kyril as they journeyed throughout Kooluk.

Presumably, following her travelling with Kyril, the Mercenary Leader and her men simply continued to lead their lives as swords-for-hire.

Suikoden TacticsEdit


To recruit the mercenary group, you'll need to succeed at guild quests offered by Chiepoo & Co. while ignoring or failing at the quests offered by rival X & Co. You will also need to attain a Guild Rank of S and beat the Ruins of Obel at least once. If you do all this, the "A Letter of Challenge" quest will appear. If you can find and defeat the mercenaries in the Flowing Chamber after accepting it, all four will join you.

Character DetailsEdit

Unite AttacksEdit


Water Rune

Recommended: Water/Flowing, Fire, and Mother Earth. She's all buffs and heals, this one.Edit


Weapon Growth ChartEdit

Weapon Growth
Name Staff Staff N/A
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 8 18 28 38 48 58 68 78 X X X X X X X X

Her MAG is whatevs, her EVA is good, etc., but what makes her special is her SPD. Give her a Fire rune to help her finish off stragglers and level up, and a Mother Earth Rune, mostly for Vengeful Child and Canopy Defense

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