Maybelle is the Chiin Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Maybelle has a crush on Sieg, believing that he is her fated lover. She is most likely to be found hanging around in front of the main character's bedroom. She will later be revealed as one of the Starbearers.



Maybelle is a girl who likes to fantasize a lot about her love life. As a result, she believes in fated love and destiny, which made Sieg at first unwilling to interact with her, as it was similar to the Order's motto. She is also very determined, shown by how much effort she exuded in searching for the hero (she even put up a search quest in the headquarters).

She is also constantly conscious of her appearance, always asking Sieg about who's the best looking between the ladies in his castle. She is also prone to jealousy whenever the hero is concerned. Despite Sieg's constant rejections, Maybelle is determined that Sieg would one day love her.



Following the event of the Cho lu'i mountain's half disappearing, the player would find Maybelle on the top of said mountain, standing in front of a monument. When she encountered Sieg, Maybelle was shown to be one of the few who remembered that the mountain wasn't like that before. However, she had formed her own ideas of how it came to be. According to her, she was a reincarnated Warrior of Light that had the memory of the world centuries ago, which explained why only she was the one who remembered. As she caught sight of Sieg, she accused him as being her fated lover, believing that she was born again to reunite with her fated lover, R'ukah. Sieg, terrified by her accusation towards him, decided to run away. Maybelle would later find the headquarters however, and she would assign Sieg to find her fated lover.

Sieg is shown to be quite irritated with how Maybelle believed him to be her fated lover. She followed him as he was about to leave the headquarters, shocking him. The conversation between Maybelle and Sieg could be triggered by choosing the option "That's it! I've had enough!!". Sieg would then bring her to his own room (with Maybelle getting excited), and told her of his anger over such belief in fate, saying that she was just like the Order. He would then exit the room, leaving Maybelle confused and hurt.

If the player went back to his room, he would find Maybelle standing there once again. She had apparently done a lot of research on the Order, and determinedly exclaimed that she was not like them. Sieg let her touch one of the Chronicles, which regained her memories regardingthe Cho lui'i Mountain, revealing that she is one of the Starbearers. She would later join, still believing that Sieg is her fated lover.

After the final battle, she would stay in the castle, attempting to get into the leader's room.

Role in the GameEdit


After the half of Ch'olui Mountain disappear. Go to the peak of Ch'olui Mountain and talk to Maybelle. After the scene go to HQ and accept Find my Fated Lover mission. After reporting the mission go to the Leader's room alone, on the 4th floor of the HQ, after the events on the room put any young girl on the party and leave HQ. Sieg will say "I can't take this anymore" and after the scene Maybelle is now recruited.

Note: It will not announce that Maybelle is recruited after the touching the Chronicle event on the Leader's Room but it will be announced on the same room after some major event on the game.


Maybelle's first weapon is a staff, allowing her to perform long-distance attacks. But like the other rod's user, the attack won't work as great as a sword or the other weapon's will. Maybelle started at low level of 13, and the player had to use her to level her up. She has at least one of Starbearer's abilities. Her luck and agility is rather promising, and she's one of the character which gain her luck quicker.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 497/497
MP 617/617
STR 129 MAG 169
PDF 129 MDF 169
SKL 169 SPD 169
LUC 189

Mark of StarsEdit


Maybelle can equip the following armor

  • Garments
  • Robes


Maybelle uses the following weapon.

  • Rods
  • Knives
  • Boomerangs

Unite AttacksEdit

Maybelle can perform the Odd Girl Party unite attack with Sphiel and Rufa.


  • In the event that Maybelle and Sieg are in the same team, she would protect him from further attacks if his HP is lower than hers. But Sieg won't protect Maybelle like how he protects Jale, Cougar, or Marica. Fans have speculated that it is the result of her one-sided love with Sieg.
  • Maybelle could often be found standing outside the hero's room. When talked to, she would constantly ask the hero what he thought of the other girls' appeal. She also told him that she didn't see him in her vision everyday, and it made her go back to the headquarters, because she cannot stand a day without Sieg. One funny talk between Sieg and Maybelle is when she asked him about the Pharamond condition, and accusing him to made a home for them at Paramond.
  • Maybelle's line is always dedicated to Hero, and so does her fight and her protection over hero.
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