Marina is the Chihi Star in Suikoden V.


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Marina is and energetic and cheerful young lady who works at the Stormfist Inn. When she was a little girl, her parents died and the couple at the inn took her in and treat her as their own. She secretly had a romantic feeling for Belcoot.

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During the Sun Rune War, the first time she met Freyjadour Falenas in the inn, Marina panicked when she recognized him as the prince. When Freyjadour came back to the inn with a gladiator named Shoon by his side, Marina allowed them to use a room to talk secretly.

Later, Marina was held hostage by Godwin's underlings, while she was held as a hostage, Dolph came and gave her Dark Arcanum and told that it would knock Belcoot down harmlessly, so he could lose his battle at the Sacred Games and therefore he wouldn't be wed to Lymsleia.

Belcoot and Freyjadour's party came and rescued her and, after doing so, they brought her back to the inn. On the day of the final battle, Marina cooks a big hearty meal and put a little Dark Arcanum on Belcoot's food. As a result Belcoot loses his battle in the games.

After this Marina feels guilty, but Belcoot and Freyjadour told that it wasn't really her fault. After the Godwins took control of the country, she and Belcoot leave Stormfist, because Marina believes that it is unsafe there.

Later, Marina is hired by Freyjadour to work at the inn at Ceras Lake Castle; Belcoot comes along with her. When She and Belcoot encounter Hazuki, Marina becomes jealous. After the war, she works so hard at the Stormfist inn that she might take it over someday. She becomes more direct with Belcoot.

Role in the GameEdit

After the restoration of Lordlake, talk to Belcoot in Yashuna Village. Afterwards, go inside the inn and offer Marina a job.

Marina opens an Inn in your castle.

Marina has the Healing ability that heals some of your party's hit points each turn in combat.

Marina adds the Rest ability which heals damage to a stationary military unit.

  1. She´s a very energetic young lady, with a job at the inn over in Stormfist. I guess a lot happened during the Sacred Games, but she´s too cheerful to let bad times bring her down.
  2. Her parents died when she was little, and the couple at the inn took her in as their own.
  3. She´s very expressive with her emotions. Every time she sees Hazuki tagging along with Belcoot, she frowns with jealousy. Kids. They don´t know how good it is to be so young...

  • Childerich

Hey, he was Belcoot's last opponent in the Sacred Games, right? Prince please get rid of that guy!

  • The Couple at the Inn

I went to see them as soon as the battle in Stormfist ended. They're both in good health!

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