Marica (Other)

"Once came to this world to get rid of a Renegade. A bit more cheerful and easy-going than the Marica of this world."
—In-Game Character Description

Marica is the Tenkai Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Marica is the leader of the Starbearers on her world. She is a mysterious girl who resembles Marica a lot, which was mistaken as Marica by the villagers of Citro Village. She arrived on Sieg's world by the Gateway, chasing after the Renegade.



Bright and witty, the "Marica of the other world" has shown the capability of wielding a giant axe, which she obtained by laying her fingers on a mysterious book in her world. She is determined, strong, and rather flirtatious when it comes to Sieg, which she quickly brush off by stating that she was just kidding or telling him to nevermind it.



After Sieg and his party arrives at Citro Village after their patrol, the villagers were raging when they saw Marica's arrival. They told them that Marica had just left the village after threating them to show her where the "renegades" are, which the villagers mistook a as rich man's house. Marica got angry at them, and quickly asked Sieg to find her "imposter", heading out together to find her.

When they entered the northern part of the Citro Plain , they found the Wanderer's camp, and one of the wanderers asked Sieg if he could join them on finding the other Marica. Together they went deeper into the forest, and encounter a strange monster which would later be revealed as a Renegade. They try to attack it but it just won't die. A cutscene follows where a woman with two long-braided white hair (who resembles Marica a lot) arrives and slashes through the Renegade, killing it.

After introducing herself and explaining the reason of her arrival to Sieg's world, she joins the party to find the remaining Renegades and the gateway. She also touched the Chronicle after telling them how she get her strength, but she could feel nothing. After defeating the last renegades in the forest ruins, she decided to go home, right after commenting how funny Sieg is, and promises him that she would visit his world sometimes. Sieg also tried to visit her world, but couldn't for some reason.

She collects the Chronicles as well, and is soon revealed to also be fighting a being known as the One King in her world. There, she serves as the leader of Starbearers.

When Manaril deduces the plan to use the False Chronicles to crush the One King, Hotupa gives word to Marica? She crosses swords with the One King at the same time the Hero does. Although the outcome of her battle is not revealed, the Hero reasons that she was successful, as the One King was the one who made using Gateways possible, and the Gateways no longer worked across the Infinity.

Role in the GameEdit


Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 547/547
MP 457/457
STR 253 MAG 109
PDF 201 MDF 159
SKL 172 SPD 169
LUC 189


Starting and Permanent Equipment:

Unite AttacksEdit

Marica (Other) can perform the Counterpart unite attack with Marica.


  • She is the first Female Tenkai in the series, despite being in another world. She is also the second hero that is a girl, the first being Chris Lightfellow.
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36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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