• What to put inside the badge?
    • Suikoden Fanart
    • Any Suikoden Character Photo
  • Who can customize the Badge?

Tips and Trick about the Badges

  • Any admins can customize the badges by clicking customize Badges at the right side corner on the More Badges You Can Earn! section.
  • Any admin can create new edit track. How?
    • Click customize badges.
    • Add any page category. Just copy the title of the category you want to use.
    • Paste the title of the category on Create new track for category: at the right side corner of Special:AchievementsCustomize at the buttom.
    • Click Create this track.
    • After creating a set of badges will appear just search on the Special:AchievementsCustomize by scrolling it down. A new badges doesn't have a suikoden photo's inside it.
    • Customize it by adding a photo inside it.
      • The size of the photo for Bronze is 70x70px
      • The size of the photo for Silver is 100x100px
      • The size of the photo for Gold is 90x90px
    • After adding the photos check the enabled and then click the save changes button.
    • Add the Template:WarningBadges on the category that holds a badges and your done.


  • Be sure that you don't delete the photo of the badges to avoid further problem.
  • Add the photo/image of the badges on category Badges.
  • Be sure not to delete the category that holds the badges to avoid further problem.
  • Be sure to add only a category that is worthy of holding a badges because you cannot remove it.

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