Manaril is the Tensui Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Manaril is the only princess of Magedom of Janam, the daughter of the Mage Lord and second Empress, Lady Rizwan. Manaril is one of the Starbearers and also the only person to the date that could read the Chronicles. Her biological half brother is Shams, the son of the third Empress, Lady Kureyah. Manaril was locked inside an underground training facility that was built inside the Arcane Academy. Her brother Shams seems to share a strong siblings bonds with her.



Being kept from the outside world by her own mother is speculated to be one of the factors that has built her character as being shy and timid. She looks physically frail, but she could control one of the Chronicles that she has read. She's a loving, cute girl, who was adored by a lot of people who have a soft spot for cute things. She's a strong and determined girl at heart, as shown by how she got through her parents' death and how she was determined to free Sophia of the Chronicles.



Manaril is first found by Sieg inside the inner part of Academy, training on reading the Chronicles. She was worn out by the training, and her mother kept forcing her to do so, giving her a bad view to the player. Mubal is concerned about the Princess' condition, and helped Shams visit her by giving him a key to enter the locked door.

She was later taken by Sieg to the Headquarters during the Escape the Janam Arc, leaving the city with her as his companion. Her mother, Lady Rizwan, allowed Sieg to take her away, telling them that she's going to die very soon, if she stay here. Manaril visited her brother before she leaves, asking him to come with her, which he rejected. He wished to make Janam be a place where Manaril could live there in peace.

Manaril was taken to Mislato Rivers by Sieg, and they encountered Lady Shairah and the Mage Lord, and their forces, threatening to eliminate them all except Manaril. They told them that Manaril is still needed to read the Chronicles, so she cannot be killed. The party escapes however, taking Manaril away to the Headquarters. Manaril helped Mubal with his research, and also conviced himself to touch the Chronicles, which worked well.

Manaril was later taken by Asad's party to defend the castle from the Archivists. She knocked Sophia down with her reading skill, weakened the Chronicle that she brought.

Manaril has become the idol of the Headquarters, and it's even was said that Hina of the Lonomakua became her competition for cuteness. She would received a letter from Shams later, telling her about some news.

In the Janam's dissappearance arc, Sieg takes Manaril with him, and she seems to be rather shocked by her parents' death. She's worried about Shams, and tried to be strong by herself, telling that they would never come back.

When the party found Shams alive and well in Salsabil, who pretended that he remembers nothing about Janam, they were grateful of it. Manaril was also considered as the grandchild of Kureyah's parents, and still a sister of Shams. Shams would later revealed that he actually remembered about the whole story after touching the Chronicles that Rizwan's spirit brought to him, and also telling her that Lady Rizwan stilled loved her, asking him to find her before she leaves.

Shams left his throne at Salsabil, together with Taj to join Sieg, and they left Salsabil and head to the Headquarters. He would later stay at the same room with Manaril and Taj. Manaril and Shams are the key characters to recruit Nofret, the archeologist that dug the El-Qaral ruins, finding their parents' left treasure.

Manaril has stated at the first that she wanted to help Sophia, and later became her best friend. The friendship was kept even after they had finished the war, with Sophia helping her to read the Chronicles.

Role in the GameEdit


Automatically recruited after saving her at the Arcane Academy. Bring Manaril to the 2nd floor Chronicle room and Mubal officially joins also.


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Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 457/457
MP 687/687
STR 129 MAG 239
PDF 149 MDF 189
SKL 189 SPD 129
LUC 129

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Staff, Boomerang, Scythe
Armor : Garments, Robes
Accessory : Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Manaril can perform the Royal Pride unite attack with Shams and the Sworn Protector unite attack with Mubal.


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108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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