Luserina Barows

S5 Luserina Portrait
Luserina Barows

"Hm... Your Highness? I know I can't understand what you're going through, but... please, try to be strong."

Luserina Barows is the Chikai Star in Suikoden V.



Luserina is the youngest child and the younger daughter of Salum Barows. She have two older brother, and one older sister. Her oldest brother Hiram Barows barrows died due to assassination and since then, his second brother Euram Barows became the heir of the Barows. Her older sister died, due to illness. She and her family is from Rainwall.


Personality Edit

She is a good and competent young lady but in the art concept she can't tell weather the art is good or bad.

Story Edit


During the Sun Rune War, while the Prince Freyjadour Falenas stayed at Barows estate for shelter in Rainwall, she look after Freyjadour and his party and let their belongings handle by Chuck.

Her father wanted her to become closer to Freyjadour and she became very angry when his father propose the marriage between the prince and her. Luserina notice that her father's plan is to gain more power by using the marriage and it may cause death to the prince. As a result, instead of supporting her father, she choose to support Freyjadour.

Eventually Freyjadour and Luserina discovered that the Dawn Rune was stolen by Salum Barows after Euram blabs about it. As a result, Luserina joined in the Loyalist Army and served Freyjadour faithfully. She feels guilty everytime Euram shame or hurt Freyjadour. After the war, she donates the Barows estate to the restoration effort, then continues to help as a new administrator.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically during the defense of Rainwall.

Luserina will allow you to change your party when you speak to her.

Luserina will give the unit she accompanies the Morale ability, which boosts the attack score of her unit by 5.

  1. She's Lord Barows´ daughter, but she's got none of her brother´s incompetence. Believe it or not, she's a geniunely good person. Competent, too.
  2. Here´s something our sources just came across; Lord Barows planned for you and Luserina to marry! Of course, you probably already knew that...
  3. It took some digging, but I found a flaw in her character. She doesn´t get the concept of art. It doesn't matter what she´s looking at. Any painting, any sculpture -- she has no idea if it´s good or bad. Blame her dad for that one.

  • The Aethelbald Family

I'm pretty sure I heard that my great-grandmother was of that family. So I guess that would make Egbert one of my distant relatives.

  • Faylon and Faylen

Those two suffered at the hands of my brother. I want to make them feel as comfortable as possible in this castle.

  • Faylon

The other day, he asked me about my brother. I thought he would still be mad about how my brother tricked him but, instead, he acted very strangely. At the end, he smiled and thanked me, saying, 'That was helpful.' I wonder what he meant...

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