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Luca Blight

SII Luca Portrait
Luca Blight

"It took hundreds to kill me but I killed humans by the thousands!!!! Look at me!!!! I am sublime!!!! I am the true face of evil!!!!"

Luca Blight is the primary antagonist of Suikoden II and the heir to the Highland Kingdom.



Luca appears as a cruel, sadistic, psychopath and a murderous person. He is tyrannical to the Highland Kingdom by gaining control over the military power of the Highland Army. In this regard, Luca can be described as a "berserker" type of character. He is quenching his blood lust, as seen when he kills the scared woman, after letting her act as a pig when he burned the village in Ryube. He is also shown to betray his own father, Agares Blight, during his father's assassination with Jowy by poison as part of his revenge for leaving him and his mother in fear during the attack in Jowston. However, he has a close attachment to his younger half-sister, Jillia, due to the resemblance of his mother, Sara. He is unaware of her plans of having him killed, along with her own father.

When he was gravely injured at the hands of Allied Army led by Riou and his group in a night raid, he becomes obsessed in killing Riou, but the latter is able to defeat him in a one on one duel.

In Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1, Luca maintains his murderous personality during Jowy's scenario in Chapter 2. He shows his dislike for his younger-half sister Jillia when he has a personal conversation with Jowy Atreides, where he interrogates him. Jowy then volunteers to serve as a spy to gain Luca's trust.


Known for his unmatched cruelty and bloodlust, Luca is referred to as the "Mad Prince"; the source of his anger resulted from an attack on the Highland royalty's entourage by ruffians. Luca was traveling with his mother, Sara, and father, Agares, when they were attacked by a group of ruffians. Luca's father fled in fear, leaving Luca and his mother to their mercy; Sara was raped repeatedly, while Luca was forced to witness the ordeal. He would later discover the ruffians were hired by Muse, and has since developed a profound hatred to the Jowston Alliance and his father, Agares, the incompetent King of Highland.

Suikoden IIEdit

Luca gains military control over the Highland Army when Agares steps down to take responsibility for the ceasefire signed with Jowston. With his newfound power, Luca instigates another war with Jowston and uses the Beast Rune, beginning a plot that involves massacring the entire Unicorn Youth Brigade and blaming the incident on Jowston. He rapidly attacks and conquers the city-states of Jowston and successfully conspires with Jowy Atreides to assassinate Agares. Though initially unstoppable, the collaborative efforts of Leon Silverberg, Shu, and Jowy bring about his downfall at the hands of the Dunan Army.

Luca's most evil act was when he burned down the village of Ryube and forced a civilian to beg for her life. After saying she would do anything for her life to be spared, Luca demanded that she act like a pig. After some confusion, she acted on his demand, crawled on her knees and acted like a pig. After, the scared woman asked if she could be spared, to which Luca laughed and denied her freedom. He then drew his deadly blade and shouted "DIE PIG!!!" right before he killed her with 2 fatal slashes.

Role in the GameEdit

Luca will be fought three times during the night raid within Flik, Viktor and Riou's group.

Luca appears as a sadistic beat down character as he hits either Flik, Viktor and Riou's group with three slashes as his basic attack. Unlike most bosses, he is not equipped with a rune and has a unique ability to summon Flaming Arrows surrounds him to charge himself up as he makes extensive damage towards in Flik, Viktor and Riou's group in either rows or sides with two or three fatal slashes.

In a one on one duel, Luca appears much powerful than his boss character as he relies on Wild Attack against Riou. The only way to defeat him is use Defend as Riou will counter the same attack.

So far, Luca's stats are the most powerful of all bosses' stats in the war tactics in that his attack is 18 and defense is 17. Luca is able to dispatch his opponents in one charge. In his last appearance in war tactics, the goal is to damage his group once and then he will withdraw, along with his White Wolf Army. Prior to his withdrawal, he is able to damage all of Riou's army.

  • Cavalry - Move in a 3-grid area.

"Unf! You insect!"

"No!!! I can't be killed!!!"


  • Luca's personality is shared from the anime and video game characters are Yami Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh! series, Super Buu and Kid Buu from late Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Kai 2014 series, Garaa (Chūnin Exams Arc through Konoha Crush Arc) and Hidan from Naruto franchise, Urien from the Street Fighter series, Bryan Fury from the Tekken series and both Azrael and Yuki Terumi from the BlazBlue series.
  • Azrael fellow character from the BlazBlue series also shares the same blood lust as Luca. In his case, he uses bare fists to wipe out his opponents with a killing blow and to find a much strong opponent which he serves this as his feeding ground.
    • In the story mode, one of the gag endings in Chronophantasma and his own gag ending in Chronophantasma Extend, Azrael also shares Luca's maniacal laughter when he is quenching for his blood lust and his brutal act towards Bullet in the tournament is also similar to Luca's evil acts when he kills a scared woman after he burned the village of Ryube.

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