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Tenkan Star (Star of Idleness)

Masked Bishop

Japanese ルック Rukku
Appears in Suikoden
Suikoden II
Suikoden III
Origin Harmonia
Born IS 444
Position Magician

Keeper of the Stone of Tablets

Attached Runes Suikoden
Wind Rune
Suikoden II
Pixie Rune
Wind Rune
Suikoden III
Pale Gate Rune
True Wind Rune

Luc is the Tenkan Star and he is a minor character in both Suikoden I and Suikoden II, as well as the main antagonist of Suikoden III. A powerful magician in service of the Lady Leknaat, Luc bears the True Wind Rune and becomes increasingly troubled by fate as the series continues.


Notice Spoiler Notice: The following may contain plot/storyline detail.

Gate Rune Wars (Suikoden)Edit

Ten years before the Gate Rune Wars, Luc was involved at an incident at the One Temple, and left Harmonia to become Leknaat's apprentice. Luc is a student under Lady Seer Leknaat, and is chosen by her to help align the stars of destiny under the leadership of Tir McDohl. Luc is reluctant, but does as he is told by Lady Leknaat, and proves a powerful force to be reckoned with during battles against the Scarlet Moon Empire, utilizing his power and prestige as a Magician numerous times in order to attain victory. After the war, Luc returned to Magician's Island with Lady Leknaat.

Dunan Unification War (Suikoden II)Edit

When Leknaat visited Riou in the castle at North Window, she assigned Luc to assist Riou and company in the Dunan Unification War. Luc is the keeper of the Stone of Tablets and is responsible for keeping it up to date, as well as fighting in battles. During the war, he meets Sasarai (for the first time shown in-game), a Harmonian High Priest, and seems to have a strong connection with him, although Sasarai seems clueless over what it means. However, when he confronted Sasarai, he showed rare enthusiam to fight and caused the Harmonian forces to flee. After the Dunan Unification War, Luc became increasingly uneasy about his fate as the bearer of the True Wind Rune, and began a plot to destroy the true rune. Luc is one of the few powerful magicians in the game using Wind based magic, and without a doubt he proves very useful and very powerful under any circumstances.

Second Fire Bringer War (Suikoden III)Edit

Sometime after the Dunan Unification War, Luc became worried about the future he saw coming from the True
Rune and was angered by his destiny as a vessel for True Runes. He believed that there would be complete balance (Dharma) in the world, and it would be lifeless. He decided to take things into his own hands, and attempted to destroy a true rune: his. He enlisted prominent strategist Albert Silverberg (who helped him recruit Yuber the Black Knight) and Sarah, the great magician whom he rescued from the Circle Palace in Crystal Valley previously. Albert knows that to destroy the True Rune, he needs control of multiple other true runes, namely the other elemental runes.

To execute his plan, he became a bishop in Harmonia thanks to Hikusaak, his identity hidden by a mask. Luc's plot to destroy the True Wind rune involved him, Yuber, a magician named Sarah, and Albert Silverberg. Knowing he needs to bring the other true elemental rune bearers out into the open, he first starts rumors about the Fire Bringer being active in the Grasslands. He began a war between the grassland tribes and Zexen to manipulate the other elemental True Runes into the open so that he could steal them and use them to destroy his rune. Then he helped incite a war in the Grasslands by having Sarah, disguised as Chris Lightfellow of the Zexen Knights, attack the Lizard Clan. The Lizard Clan Chief, Zepon, is killed in the attack, causing the infuriated Lizard Clan to ambush the Zexen Knights, resulting in all-out war in the Grasslands. The ensuing conflict allowed him access to the bearers of the True Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning Runes, and he was able to steal the runes using a technique he learned in Harmonia. However, the Fire Bringer led by the Flame Champion were able to defeat him at the Ceremonial Site, and stop his plans.


Notice Spoiler Notice: The following may contain plot/storyline detail.

Servant of LeknaatEdit

One of the two clones of Hikusaak, Luc's sole purpose was to carry a True Rune as a witless vessel. However he was taken by the seer, Leknaat, to Magician's Island, where she raised him as her own and taught him rune magic and sorcery. Luc was a rather arrogant and cold child and preferred to keep to himself and thus despised it when Leknaat sent him to fight beside Tir Mcdohl in Toran Liberation War. Once the war ended, Luc returned to Leknaat's service only to be ordered to participate in another war three years later. However this time his role was not so uneventful; he confronted his twin, Sasarai, and unleashed a powerful True Wind spell upon him and the Harmonian troops accompanying him. Luc's actions forced Sasarai to flee to Harmonia, thus fulfilling a "promise" he had made. Again, at the war's end, Luc returned to Leknaat's service.

A Desolate FutureEdit

Haunted by visions his True Wind Rune showed him of an empty, lifeless future, Luc was driven to betray Leknaat to pursue his own interests, as he wanted to stop this horrible future he had seen from occurring. Wearing a mask to hide his identity, he was accepted as a Bishop in Harmonia surprisingly quickly at Hikusaak's word. From there, Luc and three others, Albert Silverberg, Sarah and Yuber, set to work to change the future. Luc's aim was to destroy his own True Rune, and himself with it, not caring about the consequences as ultimately it would mean the freedom of the human race. To do this he would need the power of the other elemental True Runes.

Instigation of WarEdit

He reignited the war between the Grassland and Zexen by ordering Yuber to murder the Lizard Clan chief, Zepon and, using Sarah's power as well as his own, he created illusions of Zexen Knights at the Great Hollow on the day of the treaty signing between the two nations, forcing the Grasslanders to believe that the Zexens had thwarted the peace treaty. The Zexens, unaware of this, believed they had been stabbed in the back and ambushed. Several attempts to gather
Luc 5
the Runes were unsuccessful for Luc, such as when he attempted to acquire the True Water Rune at Alma Kinan and the True Fire Rune at the Flame Champion's Hideaway. Without the help of a second rune, he recognized that he would be unable to take any other True Runes. Therefore, Luc resorted to his final option, capturing the True Earth Rune of his twin brother, Sasarai, a bishop of Harmonia. After telling Sasarai the cold truth about their creation, he managed to steal Sasarai's rune from him by using a Sindar technique. After these actions, Luc was expelled from the Temple as a bishop.

Aware of Luc's plot by now, Harmonia, Zexen and Grassland united in order to stop him. Lacking the military support that he had enjoyed as bishop, Luc, along with Sarah and Yuber, was forced to use a summoning ability to call forth illusions to fight for them, a technique Luc learned from Leknaat. With the True Earth Rune in his possession, Luc's goal of gathering other True Runes was attainable.


Luc managed to gather all five True Elemental Runes and went to the Ceremonial Site, a ruin left by the Sindar. He was prepared to destroy
himself, but the Fire Bringer managed to vanquish his army of illusions and stormed the site, taking back their True Runes. As his final option, Luc tried to explain to the Flame Champion his motives and the visions of the future his rune had shown him. The Flame Champion refused to believe Luc's explanation and insisted on destroying him. Frustrated, Luc called forth the power of his True Rune and morphed into the rune incarnate, but his attempt was in vain. He was defeated and left to die as the building crumbled around him, with Sarah ever loyally by his side.
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Luc 11

Recruiting Edit

Luc joins Tir automatically at Toran Castle.

Character DetailsEdit


Attached RunesEdit

Luc comes equipped with a Wind Rune.

Recommended RunesEdit

Upgrade Luc to a Cyclone Rune to take better advantage of his magic power.



Luc is a strong mage, but his S weapon makes him a liability, as in front row he can't take much damage, but in back row he can't attack. He has a Guard Robe and Speed Ring permanently equipped. Despite this short coming, Luc is one of the best mages in the game only beaten out by Crowley.

Weapon GrowthEdit

Name Wind Rod Gale Rod Gust Rod
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 3 5 7 10 13 17 28 33 38 44 60 70 85 100 114 130


  • Head -
  • Body - Guard Robe
  • Hand -
  • Foot -

Suikoden IIEdit

Recruiting Luc

Luc appears in Suikoden II as one of the 108 Stars of Destiny. He automatically joins in North Window Castle.


Luc becomes a very useful character early on with his magic power and Pixie Rune. The Pixie rune allows him to attack from the back row, making him a well balanced mage. Luc has all three rune slots available and is one of the best characters to utilize the Pale Gate Rune. Due to his high magic, available rune slots, and spell charges; equipping Luc with two runes that can perform a Unite Magic spell will allow him to do it by himself though it will cost two Lv. 4 spell charges to do so.

Weapon GrowthEdit

Luc still wields his Wind rod.

Name Wind Rod Gale Rod Gust Rod
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 3 4 5 7 9 11 26 33 42 50 58 64 80 87 94 100

Attached RunesEdit

Luc comes with a Wind Rune and Pixie Rune attached.

Recommended RunesEdit

Upgrade the Wind rune to a Cyclone Rune, and a Blue Gate Rune on his
forehead for a good attack/support mage. The Pixie rune is useful in the beginning when he has limited magic charges, but later on it's better to drop it for another magic rune like a Flowing Rune or even a magic enhancing rune like a Wizard Rune or Alertness Rune. He has very high affinities for every rune.

Richmond InvestigationsEdit

  • Secret: #1

Name: Luc
Age: 17
From: Unknown
Position: Magic Unit Captain
Note: None

  • Secret: #2

"That sorceress, Leknaat, is the keeper of the 'Gate Rune', one of the 27 {C True Runes."

  • Secret: #3

"Luc is pretty secretive about his past. I'm pretty sure something happened {C to him in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia."

  • Secret: #4

"10 years ago, he ran into some kinda trouble at the shrine. I don't know the {C details, but someone told him to keep his mouth shut about it."

Suikoden IIIEdit



Luc becomes playable in his own parallel storyline after you have successfully recruit the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Character DetailsEdit


Pale Gate Rune
True Wind Rune



Luc may be the strongest mage in the game. He makes excellent work with the Pale Gate Rune, and his True Wind Rune, combined with his high magic skill ranking and his wind elemental boosting equipment, can make him a devastating character in battle.


  • Head - Wind Hat
  • Body - Dream Robe
  • Accessory - Wind Magic Ring, Wind Amulet, Mega Medicine B x4

Weapon Growth ChartEdit

Name Guardian's Eye Guardian's Eye Guardian's Eye
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 6 18 31 43 55 78 88 98 107 117 127 151 161 171 180 190


  • Luc's only weapon in Suikoden III is called Guardian Eye. It is a magic ring that he uses to shoot beams of energy. Also, he shares this weapon name with Sasarai, who has no additional upgrades either.
  • In spite of being insulted by Fu Tan Chen in Suikoden II, Luc proves to be an extremely difficult judge to impress in Hai Yo's cook-off challenges.
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