Lorimar map

The Lorimar Region

A rural region, Lorimar is a quiet region better known for its' legends than its' industry. The Lorimar region was founded by Klift, a Paladin who resisted the Harmonian army invading Lorimar and even managed to defeat the Harmonian leader, Hikusaak, keeping the Lorimar region independent of Harmonian rule. As a sign of respect for Klift's victory, the Scarlet Moon Empire allowed the village he founded, Warrior's Village, to have control of the Lorimar region. During the Toran Liberation War, the area was put under the control of a magistrate, Neclord; however, Neclord was not interested in governing, merely in kidnapping women from surrounding districts to be his "brides." Neclord was defeated by members of the Liberation Army and Warriors' Village in SY 456, and the area gradually returned to normal.

Lorimar does not have much industry, though its mild, warm climate makes it a good place for its dominant industry of agriculture. However, due to the wide countryside, most villages are able to yield enough crops to supply themselves with food, reducing the need to trade with other regions of Toran. This tends to help lead Lorimar to be a mostly insular region, as most people have little reason to ever leave their homeland


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