"Despite his dislike for fighting, he is a member of the Defense Corps and a good friend with the Hero and Jale. Often considered a goof-off, he actually is clever and very knowledgeable."
Suikoden Tierkreis Digital Artbook Description

Liu-Shen, also known as Liu, is the Tenki Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.

He is a member of the Scribes, but left them three years ago because he refused to hide from the world and wanted to know what it was like, and ended up in Citro Village and became friends with Sieg, Marica, and Jale. Despite his leaving, he is eventually given the Tatau Council by Lao-Kwan, making him the new Elder of the Scribes.



Liu was born in the Woodland Village within the Noslaw Woods. He grew to be very intelligent, if not cowardly, and also became close friends with Len-Lien. When he was twelve-years old (the time when a Scribe gains their tatoo), he refused to accept his tatoo and left the village. After his leave, he journeyed across the continent and ended up in Citro Village, where he lived for the next three years.



Liu is usually cowardly and frivolous, wanting to devise a plan rather than just fighting. However, he believes strongly in what he likes and dislikes, which is what caused him to leave the Scribes. Liu is also very intelligent and always wanting to know more. It can also be said that he has a vorcaious appetite, which is hinted several time throughout the game.



At the beginning Liu and Sieg are getting ready for Laggart hunting. After meeting Marica, Jale, Dirk and Elder Rajim they head off to Laggarts Lair to check why the Laggarts act aggressively, while they are doing their Laggart hunting a sudden glow of light appear and the valley became a forest.

After the light is gone, their memory about the valley is gone and they started to think that the valley is always a forest. Thinking that the Laggarts nest is on the deeper part of the forest, they went deeper inside the forest ruins.

Inside the forest ruins they fought a Skull Guts a monster they never seen before. The monster are strong and hard to defeat so they went deeper inside the forest ruins. They found a book which Sieg, Marica and Jale touch, the three saw a vision of a people fighting, after this they gain a skill which help them to defeat the Skull Guts. After defeating the Skull Guts they talk about the skills and vision Sieg, Marica and Jale have seen and use, Liu touch the book but he told "He never see a vision or he feel get any power."

As they are walking on their way home, Sieg, Marica and Jale remembers that the forest is a valley before, while Liu and Dirk doesn't even remember. As they reach Citro Village, Dirk left the group and Liu, Sieg, Marica and Jale head out again to look for Marica's look alike. They fought a renegade a monster that are new to them and they cannot defeat it, Marica's look a like came and help them. After dealing with the Marica's look alike and renegade. Sieg, Marica and Jale decided to go to Cynas to find more about the book they found in the Forest Ruins, while Liu went back alone at the Citro Village and told Elder Rajim what his friends are doing.

After his friends went back, Liu learn from his friends that The Order of the One True Way wants the Citro Village under their control and sent their army. Liu help his friends and reveal that he also remember the valley and gain a new power from the book when he touch it. He also became Sieg's adviser and "The Thinker" of the company.

After Diadora sent them to another dimension, Lao-Kwan full them back into their world, it was reveal that Liu's full name is Liu-Shen and he is a member of the Scribes. After Diadora attack the Scribe Village, Lao-Kwan got very exhausted and pass away. But before Lao-Kwan pass away, she give the Tatau Council to Liu-Shen and make him the Elder of the Scribes. The people of the Scribe don't want him to become an elder and don't even follow him except for Luo-Tao and Len-Lien.

Liu left the Scribe Village for the second time and continue to help Sieg and his company to fight The Order of One True Way. He use his Tatau Council to neutralize the Chronicle of Boundless Amber inside Sophia's body.

After the battle against The One King, Liu is energetically continued to pursue two roles as Viele Wege Company adviser and Scribe Elder.

Role in the GameEdit


Automatic recruit. Joins at Citro Village.


Liu is a strong mage and can participate in Defense Corps Unite Attack.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 457/457
MP 617/617
STR 109 MAG 214
PDF 129 MDF 189
SKL 169 SPD 169
LUC 149

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Sword, Mace, Staff, Bow, Dual Weapon
Armor : Garments, Robes, Light Armor
Accessory : Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Liu can perform the Tattoo unite attack with Luo-Tao/Len-Lien/Hao-Shi/Kow-Low/Mun-Tsang and the Defense Corps unite attack with Sieg, Marica and Jale.


  • Liu is one of the youngest strategist in the series, quite possibly the youngest.
  • Liu is the first strategist who fights in battle, he is also a mage type. The second strategist to be playable is Regius.
  • When Liu-Shen was little, Len-Lien gave him a greenstone.
  • There is a promotional error on the poster for Suikoden Tierkreis, it shows the main characters. Liu, however is holding throwing knives, a weapon he cannot equip in the game! Why they did this is a mystery, as it is not accurate with the game.
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