The Liberation Army was a group of soldiers and other volunteers who fought against the Scarlet Moon Empire during the Toran Liberation War. The army was originally founded by Odessa Silverberg, who tried to unite dissatisfied people in opposition to the regime of Barbarossa Rugner. However, large scale growth and success did not appear until Tir McDohl took the position of leader.


The Liberation Army was founded by Odessa Silverberg, using the Anti-Imperial Movement as its basis. The army was formed due to the dangerously high levels of corruption and unrest spreading through the Empire due to the lack of interest held by Barbarossa Rugner in his own reign.

Originally based in a secret hideout in the Lenankamp sewers, the Liberation Army was an army in name only. However, this does not mean it was not an effective means of rebellion. Odessa's sharp mind ensured that many links were forged with other dissatisfied group as well as that plans were laid for the future when the Liberation Army would be able to meet the Imperial forces on the field of battle.


Following the sacking of the Lenankamp headquarters and the death of Odessa, Tir McDohl took the position of leader at her request. Managing to recruit strategist Mathiu Silverberg, the Liberation Army quickly began to unite various rebel factions across the nation, region by region as well as gaining the aid of normally autonomous Scarlet Moon allies such as the Warrior's Village, the Dragon Knights and the races of the Forest of Moran all of whom had been negatively affected by the political climate at that time in the nation.

At it's peak, the Liberation Army totaled just under 20,000 soldiers.

After the WarEdit

The Liberation Army was disbanded at the end of Toran Liberation War with it's former base at Toran Castle having grown into a small town in it's own right. However, many soldiers and officers did join or otherwise contribute to the Toran Republican Army following it's foundation.

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