Le Buque
A large city built on a high cliff, Le Buque is the home of a large town as well as the home of the mantor trainers and the mantors themselves. The homes have been build to accommodate the mantors; in fact, the ceiling of every home in the town is a mantor nest. Due to the high cliffs the town was built on, large wooden bridges provide passage through the town. The people of Le Buque are part of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, however, a large segment of the population has sentiments leaning towards the Grassland. This has caused a great amount of political stress within the town.

History of Le BuqueEdit

Formerly known as the Carna clan, Le Buque's citizens were once one of the Grassland clans. In SY 425, the Kanaa clan fought against the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia; however, Harmonia proved the victor and the Kanaa clan were conquered by the Harmonians, becoming part of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia and their home renamed Le Buque. From 425 on, the Le Buque citizens have been third class citizens, the lowest caste of Harmonian society save the subhuman class. However, due to their unique skills as mantor riders, the citizens have been given relative autonomy compared to other peoples conquered by Harmonia. For years, the children of Le Buque were also taken to Crystal Valley in Harmonia to work as servants to the first-class citizens. This led to many of them adopting the Harmonian ideals, or resigning themselves to their fate. Franz was one of the latter, which lead to disparity between him and other Le Buque citizens who saw him as a sell-out and as a conformist.

During the Second Fire Bringer War the unrest escalated amongst the Le Buque citizens when Harmonia ordered the Mantor Riders to attack the Chisha Clan in exchange for second class citizenship within Harmonia. Even amongst the riders themselves there was uncertainty--- some believed it was necessary so that the people of Le Buque could be given better rights, while others still felt a tie to the other Grassland tribes, which they still viewed as allies.

Towards the end of the war the people of Le Buque were kidnapped and held captive at Mt. Senai by Luc. However, Franz managed to escape and alerted the Fire Bringer, who sent Geddoe and his group to rescue the citizens. This proved to be a mere ploy in order for Luc to steal Geddoe's True Lightning Rune. Though, with the help of Duke and his team, they were able to escape Mt. Senai and return the citizens to their home.

Following the war, tension between Harmonia and the Grasslands came to a simmer and Le Buque remained part of Harmonia.


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