Lampdragon Trio

The Lampdragon Trio

A group of bandits who resided at Sai Fortress in the mountains of Tinto, the Lampdragon Bandits were a group of thieves led by Gijimu, a man who was said to be a natural-born bandit. However, Gijimu operated on a strict moral code of only going after money-hungry traders. As such, the bandits mostly avoided the ire of Tinto authorities.

In SY 460, Sai Fortress fell, but not to Tinto forces; rather, to zombie forces controlled by Neclord. Only two members of the Lampdragon Bandits managed to escape - Gijimu, and Koyu, a fast running member of the Lampdragon Trio. The rest of the Bandits were turned into zombies to follow Neclord's orders, with the exception of Lo Wen, who was kidnapped by Neclord in order to serve as his wedding feast.

Gijimu and Koyu managed to reach Tinto and New State Army forces, respectively. The two forces allied, and through the help of the vampire hunters Kahn Marley and Sierra Mikain and the powers of the Star Dragon Sword, a group of New State Army soldiers led by Riou, and Viktor managed to defeat Neclord, rescuing Lo Wen as well as Lilly Pendragon, the daughter of Tinto President Gustav Pendragon.

Until the end of the Dunan Unification War, the famed Lampdragon Trio (as Lo Wen, Koyu, and Gijimu had been called) decided to fight on with the New State Army; following and serving under the army until the war's end. After the war, the trio made a brief stint in the Grasslands where they helped defeat a Flame Champion impostor. However, the three eventually went their separate ways, with each of the trio going on to start new careers. Gijimu served in Tinto's Armed forces; Lo Wen opened a diner in her home city of Two River City and Koyu himself occasionally visited Marlowe Cody, marveling at Marlowe's scholarship.

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