The formal title for the division of the Kooluk Empire's military designated for naval warfare. The Imperial Navy was mostly consigned to Kooluk's southern frontier. Active in many of Kooluk's wars, the Imperial Navy was disbanded with the Kooluk Empire itself in 309.


Kooluk 1st Fleet

Under the direct command of the famed Troy, the Kooluk 1st Navy traditionally remained stationed at the southern fortress of El-Eal. The 1st Fleet was the fleet that famously decimated the Gaien Navy in the short-lived Gaien-Kooluk War. Also, in 307, the Island Liberation Navy attacked the fortress near the end of the Island Liberation War, the 1st Fleet led the defense. However, this time the 1st Fleet was thwarted, allowing the Liberation Navy to destroy El-Eal Fortress.

Kooluk 2nd Fleet

Following the successful annexation of the Kingdom of Obel in 304 by the 3rd Fleet, the Kooluk 2nd Fleet, under the command of Colton, defended the island from then until 306 when the fleet was defeated by the forces of the Island Liberation Navy, a much stronger naval power than the Obel Navy the 3rd Fleet had encountered two years earlier.

Kooluk 3rd Fleet

The Kooluk 3rd Fleet was the force that attacked the Kingdom of Obel in 304. Initially rebuffed, the Kooluk 3rd Fleet's superior manpower allowed them to overwhelm the meagre Obel Navy and eventually annex the island, although they could not stop the escape of several high-ranking Obel citizens onboard the Dauntless.

Mixed Kooluk Fleet

A fleet under the command of Colton's son, Helmut, which sailed on, and captured Razril without a fight in 304. However, the following year, the Island Liberation Navy attacked the island and defeating the Mixed Fleet, forcing Helmut's surrender. This fleet was dubbed as such due to its mix of Kooluk and collaborationist Razril ships.

Governor's Fleet
The small personal fleet of the El-Eal Governor, the Governor's Fleet was only used by Graham Cray during the Island Liberation War to destroy the Liberation Navy. Setting the ships ablaze, he sent them towards the Liberation Navy after their recapture of Obel. However, the burning fleet was stopped and destroyed by the power of Lazlo's Rune of Punishment.

Kooluk Anti-Pirate Task Force
A task force set up by the Imperial Navy dedicated to the hunting and capture of rogue pirates and other undesirables. Following the capture of Razril, Snowe Vingerhut was appointed a captain in the Kooluk Anti-Pirate Task Force but following the liberation of Razril was unceremoniously exiled.

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