The Knight Attack is a recurring unite attack in the Suikoden series. It usually involves a character from the 108 Stars of Destiny coming together to causing significant damage towards the enemy.

Suikoden IIEdit

The Knight Attack deals 2x damage to one enemy but one or both knights has 30% chance to become unbalanced. In it both Camus and Miklotov slash the opponent, Miklotov horizontally and Camus vertically at the same time.

Required MembersEdit


Suikoden IIIEdit


The Knight A attack deals 1.5x damage to 1 foe. In it Borus and Percival attack in a cross-slash manner similar to the Cross Attack

Required Members Edit

SIII Borus Portrait
Borus Redrum
SIII Percival Portrait
Percival Fraulein


The Knight B attack deals normal damage to one foe, with a 30% chance of instant death. In it Chris and the two other knights you choose ride toward the opponent with their horses heads down. The spikes on the horses mask slam throught the enemy three times (one for each knight).

Required Members Edit

SIII Chris Portrait
Chris Lightfellow

Optional Members Edit

SIII Leo Portrait
Leo Galan
SIII Percival Portrait
Percival Fraulein
SIII Borus Portrait
Borus Redrum

Suikoden IVEdit

The Knight Attack deals 250 water damage to all enemies. In it the four knights wave their swords back and forth creating a column of water then on the final slash the wave of water flies out and damages all enemies.

Required MembersEdit

SIV Tal Portrait
SIV Paula Portrait
SIV Keneth Portrait
SIV Jewel Portrait