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Klaus Windamier
Chikai Star (Chief Star of Earth)


Japanese クラウス・ウィンダミア Kurausu Windamia
Status Alive S1,S2,S5
Unborn S4
Unknown S3
Appears in Suikoden II
Origin Higheast
Born SY 442
Age 19 (Dunan Unification War)
Height ???cm
Relatives Father Kiba Windamier
Race Human
Position Strategist
Former New State Army member
Attached Runes None
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Klaus is the Chikai Star (Chief Star of Earth) in Suikoden II. Klaus was the Army Strategist for the 3rd Highland Army and the son of General Kiba. He is mild-mannered, but his skill in strategy is highly acclaimed. Like his father, his loyalty was pledged to Agares Blight, and not Luca. He joined the Dunan Army after he was defeated and captured by them, and told that Agares Blight was killed by Luca Blight. Later on, Klaus became a pupil of Shu.

Suikoden IIEdit


Klaus is recruited automatically along with his father Kiba after you defeat them in battle. Make sure you do not behead them.


Character DetailsEdit

Klaus is a military character with the ability, Cavalry.

War Tactics

He is sided with his father Kiba in the Highland group to make their stat into Attack 9 and Defense 16. When he is sided with Riou's group he has an evade skill similar to Jess and Boris Wizen and also has a Cavalry skill to equip either in Riou and the other groups to have a cavalry sprite.

Richmond Investigations'

  • Secret: #1

Name: Klaus
Age: 19
From: Highland Kingdom

Position: Vice-Strategist
Note: Former strategist of the Highland 3rd Army

  • Secret: #2

"Klaus's 'Evade' ability gives his unit a good chance of avoiding an attack."

  • Secret: #3
    Unnamed man

"It looks like Klaus takes after his mother for the time being. But ya never know. Maybe when he gets a little older, he'll become more like his dad...."

  • Secret: #4

"He's worried that his dad drinks so much, he'll ruin his liver."

Suggestion Box LettersEdit

  • Weird

Lately I've had the feeling that a flying squirrel in a pink cape has been following me. Have you noticed anything like that?

Cook-Off IntroductionEdit

"This peaceful tactician must have got his looks and personality from his mom. It's Klaus!!!!"

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