Suikoden VEdit

The Kiss Goodbye attack deals 0.5x damage to all enemies. In it Jeane, Nelis and Sialeeds leap toward a floating heart, then Jeane and Nelis blow a kiss at the enemies that turns into a heart and flies right throught them causing damage. Afterwards Sialeeds holds her Chakrams up to the first heart then throws them at the enemies. Then many smaller hearts burst from the heart and attack the enemy. Afterwards theres a chance the enemies might fall asleep.

Required MembersEdit

SV Sialeeds Portrait
SV Nelis Portrait
SV Jeane Portrait

Suikoden TierkreisEdit

The Kiss Goodbye attack deals damage, paralysis and rarely the alert status to enemies. In it all three women stand there while hearts float up from the ground damaging the enemies.

Required MembersEdit

ST Sophia Portrait
ST Sphiel Portrait
ST Chihaya Portrait


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