Obel map

Map of Obel

The Kingdom of Obel was the main organizing force behind the unification of the Island Nations in the Island Liberation War, and is the center of commerce and activity in the region.

It was ruled by King Lino en Kuldes during the conflict. There are some well-known ancient ruins beneath the palace.

Obel KingdomEdit

Flag of Obel

Flag of Obel

Kingdom of Obel is a powerful empire, widely known throughout the Islands before they came together. The country is located in the south eastern region of the nations; once the island nations became established, Obel was donned the capital of diplomacy. A popular spot in Obel is the, Ruins of Obel which stored the Rune of Punishment for many years.


Obel Flag

During the year of 292,in the Kooluk-Obel War, the royal entourage was attacked by adversary ships. In order to defeat the enemy pirates, the Queen of Obel had to sacrifice her life to use the Rune of Punishment, to defeat her foes.

In year 305, Flare En Kuldes met Lazlo, the new bearer of the Rune of Punishment. He had been abandoned on a lone boat with his friends; she welcomed Lazlo and his group aboard her ship and set sail for Obel. Lazlo also met the King of Obel, Lino En Kuldes; Lazlos group was welcomed to stay with them. Eventually, Obel was attacked by Kooluk, Lazlo had no choice but to use the rune, the power unleashed took out the Kooluk ships in one blow. However, they could not survive another attack. Lino asked Lazlo to round up members onto a secret ship inside of a cave that was built by Tov. They fled from Obel, by blowing a hole from the mountains for the ship to set sail. Flare and Setsu stayed behind to take care of the villagers that stayed. After recruiting many members to their party, they eventually come back to save Obel from the Kulook.

After the war, Obel became the center of diplomacy for the Island Nations Federation.

Obel PalaceEdit

Obel Royal Palace

Obel Royal Palace

Obel Palace is located on the top of Obel Hills. It is the home for the Obel Royal Family. It has a beautiful fountain which holds clear water that cover the front yard of Obel Palace. It has a beautiful inner garden which is taken care of by Mizuki.



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