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Chikyu Star (The Intelligent Star)

Kasumi as she appeared in Suikoden II

Japanese カスミ Kasumi
Appears in Suikoden
Suikoden II
Origin Rokkaku
Born SY 442
Position Vice-Leader of Rokkaku
Attached Runes Shrike Rune

Kasumi is the Chikyu Star in Suikoden and II. Her name means "Haze" in Japanese.

Suikoden IEdit



Gate Rune WarsEdit

Kasumi is a young ninja from Rokkaku. During the Gate Rune Wars, she brought news to the Liberation Army of the destruction of Rokkaku by Teo McDohl's forces. After joining the Toran Liberation Army, she developed a crush on Tir.

Post Gate Rune WarsEdit

After the Gate Rune Wars, she was appointed as Vice-Leader of Rokkaku, and during the Dunan Unification War, she was sent to Dunan to aid the Dunan Army on the orders of President Lepant.



Joins automatically before the first battle with Teo McDohl's army.

Character DetailsEdit

Unite AttacksEdit

Kasumi can participate in both the Pretty Girl Attack and the Ninja Attack.



Attached RunesEdit

Shrike Rune

Recommended RunesEdit


Weapon GrowthEdit

Name Sakura Big Sakura Max Sakura
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 6 8 11 20 25 31 35 39 45 69 78 89 99 113 128 150


  • Head -
  • Body -
  • Hand -
  • Foot -

Suikoden IIEdit


Kasumi is one of two choices offered by Lepant, along with Valeria, as a recruitment option in Gregminster when forging an alliance with the Toran Republic. Note: Kasumi will add an archer unit to your military.

Character Details
Tir girlfriend

Unite AttacksEdit

Kasumi can participate in Ninja Attack and Beauty Attack.

Recommended RunesEdit

Shrike Rune and Spark Rune

Weapon Growth ChartEdit

Name Sakura Big Sakura Max Sakura
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 7 8 9 10 39 42 45 48 51 53 110 114 118 124 130 135

Equipment ClassesEdit

Cap, Karate Uniform

Richmond InvestigationsEdit

  • Secret: #1

Name: Kasumi
Age: 19
From: Rokkaku Hamlet
Position: Volunteer Army General
Note: Vice-Chancellor of Rokkaku Hamlet

  • Secret: #2

With Kasumi in your unit, you can find out your chance of a successful attack against a unit by using her 'Scout Ability'.

  • Secret: #3

"Looks like she was born and raised in Rokkaku like the other ninjas. Maybe that's why she knows so little about the outside world."

  • Secret: #4

"Once in awhile, she heads for Banner Village. I wonder if she's got a boyfriend there."

Suggestion Box LettersEdit

  • I beg of you

Forgive me, Lord Riou, I cannot tell you why, but I must go to Banner Village sometime soon.....

Cook-Off IntroductionEdit

"This cute little ninja has a taste for Japanese food. It's Kasumi!!!!"


  • She was introduced by President Lepant as: "This is General Kasumi, Vice-Chancellor of the hidden Ninja town of Rokkaku."
  • If Kasumi isn't picked by the player she will remain at the right side of President Lepant until your next visit.

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