Kanakan map

Map of Kanakan

Kanakan is a small island nation consisting of a single large island off the southeast coast of the Northern Continent. Kanakan lies directly southeast of the Toran Republic and northeast of the territories of the former Kooluk Empire.

Although there are several nuggets of information on the area, the island remains a mystery in terms of its government, politics and, in fact, anything beyond the scope of its trading operations with other nations.

As such, current evidence suggests that Kanakan is in fact a trading nation famed mostly for its wine. This trade is conducted all over the Northern Continent as well as with the Island Nations Federation and the Falena Queendom. Master of Falcon Style fencing, Roundier Haia, lives in Kanakan and students from all over the world travel to learn under him.

Rumours say that all Kanakanians are great drinkers but in fact it seems that the opposite is true. Presumably the fact that Kanakan liquor would be more common in its home country means that people are less likely to indulge in it as it would not be considered a rarity. Kanakan has a temperate climate and is also said to be the home of a Sindar ruin.

Characters From KanakanEdit


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