The Kalekka Incident played a vital role in the shaping of the Scarlet Moon Empire during its latter years. The incident, the events leading up to it, and its motivation showed how ugly politics could get even for the right reasons.

In the year 447, the town of Kalekka, in the Dana region of the Scarlet Moon Empire, was captured by the Jowston Army in the ongoing struggle between the two nations. Eventually, however, the Jowston Army was repelled by Barbarossa Rugner, Emperor of Scarlet Moon, and his Six Great Generals. However, this did not end the war and it raged well into the new year.

By 448, the war was still raging. Barbarossa wanted to continue to fight, to rid all Jowston forces from the Empire, but popular opinion was very much against the war, the people weary after the harshness of the Scarlet Moon Succession War just two years prior. And so it appeared that Dana would eventually fall to Jowston, until Barbarossa's Chief Strategist, Leon Silverberg, suggested a plan that would be sure to turn public sentiment pro-war.

The plan was stunningly simple although it wasn't difficult to see why no-one had suggested it before. The Imperial Army would massacre the citizens of Kalekka, leaving no survivors or witnesses. The atrocities would then be pinned on the City-States of Jowston. When news of what had supposedly happened spread, public opinion would surely turn pro-war.

Unsurprisingly, the suggestion of the plan split Barbarossa's inner circle in two. Mathiu Silverberg, Leon's nephew and Kilawher Shulen both objected to the plot, Kilawher even going so far as to physically slap Leon for suggesting it. Eventually, however, all came to the agreement, however uneasily, that the plan was the best course of action. And so, the Emperor's Elite Guards was sent to Kalekka to commit the atrocity.

The mission was successfully complete, but not all members of the Elite Guard were happy. In fact, the lieutenant of the group, one Humphrey Mintz, was so outraged at what was transpiring around him that he slayed his commander before fleeing and joining the Toran Liberation Army.

However, the plan was a success. As expected, the citizens of the Empire were outraged and public opinion became fiercely pro-war in the wake of the massacre. Barbarossa was free to continue to wage his war against Jowston, eventually expelling the enemy army from the Empire completely. As regards fallout, Mathiu Silverberg, who helped orchestrate the attack, quit the military after the incident. The Great General, Georg Prime, left the Empire soon afterwards, traveling to Falena, which may or may not have been related to his opinion on the incident. Also, the news of what really happened further enraged those already sympathetic to the rebel cause, the incident being the first example of a real Imperial atrocity, further fueling the flames of rebellion deep within the heart of the Scarlet Moon Empire.