Julian Silverberg, the strategist for Kranach Rugner, the first Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire whom he aided through the Harmonian Civil War, presumably from the Holy City of Rupanda in the Toran region. Aside from this, little is known about the history of Julian.

When the Harmonian Civil War broke out in 230, Julian Silverberg is said to be responsible for aiding in the coup against Harmonian influence within Rupanda, allowing Kranach to take the region without spilling blood..

Given Mathiu's and Leon's living in the Scarlet Moon Empire, long after Julian had passed, it is possible he lived and died in the country.


  • Though we know of Julian Silverberg's involvement with the Foundation of the Scarlet Moon Empire, we know little of his involvement, nor of what he may have suggested in taking the Holy City of Rupanda.
  • Julian is the oldest known Silverberg. Elenor Silverberg, was born in year 252, 22 years after Julian helped Kranach create the Scarlet Moon Empire. But it is unknown how old he was, and what his relation to Elenor could be (Father, Grandfather, Uncle.. Distant relative etc..)