"Citro boy, Defense Corps member. Once troublemaker with Sieg, but now known as a quiet, mysterious type."
—In-Game Description

Jale is the Tentai Star in Suikoden Tierkreis, as well as one of the four founding members of Viele Wege Company. He is the son of Selen and is friends with Sieg, Marica and Liu.



When he was little, Jale was a troublemaker that competed with Sieg. As he grew up, however, Jale became a silent, level-headed young man. He speaks much less than his friends and is very calm in most situations. Despite this, he is still shown making occasional trouble, as shown at the game's start where he pretended to buy Potions for the party, though they were freely given to him by the General Store's manager.


Jale was born unto Selen, but his father was never mentioned in the game. He caused much trouble with his young friend Sieg, which often angered his mother and Elder Rajim. He also became friends with Marica, along with Sieg.

When Jale was 12, he and his friends met a boy named Liu that joined Citro Village. They welcomed him and soon became friends with him.

At some point in his village life, Jale and his friends joined the Citro Village Defense Corps. Mentored by the older Dirk, Jale became a capable swordsman.

Suikoden TierkreisEdit

In The Company, Jale is one of the four "Founding Members", and is usually shown assisting in The Company's missions. He is an adept fighter, with great strength and decent HP.

Role in the GameEdit


Automatic recruit. Joins at Citro Village.


Need Details

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 617/617
MP 417/417
STR 189 MAG 149
PDF 189 MDF 109
SKL 214 SPD 189
LUC 169

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Sword, Mace, Hammer, Axe, Spear, Club, Knife, Boomerang, Fist, Claw, Dual Weapon.
Armor : Garments, Light Armor, Regular Armor.
Accessory : Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Jale can perform the Martial Artist unite attack with Selen and the Defense Corps unite attack with Sieg, Marica and Liu or with Sieg, Marica and Dirk.


  • Sieg and Jale were quite some troublemakers when they were children.
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