Icas is the Chiken Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.

Icas is a notorious flirt who hits on every girl he finds, regardless of how they look. He travels around the world, and once even intended to travel to another world via the Wanderer's gateway to search for more ladies.



Icas had been travelling around the world to see ladies, without the intention of settling down. He was first found in Cynas, being chased by the guards, as he was unable to accept the Order's law that everyone's partner was predetermined.



Icas is a well-meaning flirt. He is a determined person and has a soft spot for ladies, even to the enemy, like Diadora. He is not a loyal person nor is he reliable, as he betrayed several girls that he had vowed to, like Morrin.



When Sieg visited Cynas with his party, they saw Icas, who greeted the ladies in his party, Marica and Erin, completely ignoring the others. He flirted with them, commenting on how beautiful they are. Before he could do more, Icas was chased by the Order's soldier, who accused him as the womanizer who refuses to follow the laws of the Order (which said that everything was predetermined, even your partners).

A long time later, Sieg received a quest that was sent by a girl whose name was Morrin, asking him to find Icas and to bring him to her, at Salsabil Inn. The player has to conduct a manhunt for Icas, who was in Grayridge, filling the party with ladies. In the end, Icas will be caught.

Icas, happy that he was in a castle that was filled with women, told Sieg that this was his paradise. He asks to join the Company, with the player choosing to accept or not. If his request is approved, Icas becomes an ally. As Sieg was about to leave the Headquarters, Morrin, along with her masked bodyguard, appeared and stopped them at the entrance, saying that she couldn't wait any longer for Icas. Before they could get the chance to talk, a man came, claiming that he was an assassin assigned to kill Icas. Panicking, Morrin tells her bodyguard to attack the assassin. Her bodyguard, who was revealed to be Yovel, her younger brother, panicks and backs down from the fight. As the assassin comes to take Icas away, Sieg protected him, saying that Icas was now a member of his company.

It was revealed later that the assassin, Ouragan, was hired by a girl who was left by Icas. Heartbroken and angry, she hired him to kill Icas. Ouragan would visit Icas sometimes, and would later join, with Icas freaking out.

Icas also requested Sieg to let him go to another world to see other ladies, but was stopped by Wahie and Morrin.

Before the final battle, Icas started to swarm around the castle to see every girl, chased down by Morrin. When the final battle is finished, he would leave and head to the Empire North Star to find other women.

Role in the GameEdit


After Sieg visit Salsabil for the 3rd Empress Consort mission, talk to Moana at the HQ and accpet the Find Somebody mission. Go to the Inn at Salsabil to meet Morrin and Yovel.

After the HQ expand and there is a young 5 females joined the company, accept the Find Icas mission, after the Find Icas mission is succeeded, accept the Bring Icas to Me mission. Tell Icas he can join the company and he will be recruited. Get out on the HQ Front Entrance and Sieg see Morrin and Yovel outside the castle. After defeating the assassin Morrin and Yovel will join the company.


Need Details.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 537/537
MP 497/497
STR 169 MAG 129
PDF 169 MDF 129
SKL 149 SPD 189
LUC 189

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Knife, Boomerang
Armor : Garments, Light Armor, Regular Armor
Accessory: Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Icas can perform the Fancy Lads unite attack with Asad and Meruvis.


  • Icas's fate is unknown, since he went to an Empire where a civil war would break out later. It was also unknown if he went together with Yula, since both of them are rushing to the same place. Zenoa was also known to be there.
  • To finish Icas's hunt, the player has to send an entire party of ladies to lure him in. The player could also sent Manaril, even though she is still a child.
  • When Icas hit on the Wanderer Moana, Sieg commented that "he really does hit on every girl, doesn't he?" which resulted in the wrath of Moana.
  • After the final battle, Morrin had decided to stop chasing Icas down, since she believed that Icas would eventually come back to her.
  • Icas once told Sieg that he is in love with Morrin, and that he couldn't believe that everyone was saying it wasn't true. He simply wanted to appreciate other women's beauty.
  • Icas was needed in the army to recruit Savina on the inn of Paramond, although he didn't say a word to her.
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