The Husband and Wife Attack (めおと攻撃, Meoto Kougeki) is a recurring unite attack in the Suikoden series. It usually involves a couple from the 108 Stars of Destiny coming together to causing significant damage towards the enemy.

Suikoden IIEdit

The Husband and Wife Attack deals 2x damage to one enemy but causes Yoshino to become unbalanced. In it Freed and Yoshino salute each other then jump into the air and bring their weapons down on the opponent.

Required MembersEdit

Freed Yamamoto
Yoshino Yamamoto

Suikoden TierkreisEdit

The Husband and Wife attack deals 1.5x damage to one enemy. In it Vaslof and Resno stomp on the ground and gather their strength. Then they both punch the ground causing a fissure that runs toward the enemy and causes a explosion.

Required MembersEdit

ST Vaslof Portrait
ST Resno Portrait


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