The greatest force in the world, it was founded in order to resist the "Hundredth-Year Monster." Under the Emperor, Leopherias, it is supported by two pillars: a strong army and an administrative organization.

Also in existence are the imperial knights, the "Shining Leaf Knights, who supervise the emperor's personal bodyguards. This guild belongs to the army, but the emperor can override the commander and give a direct imperial command. There are screenshots from the opening that suggest that the main characters are supporting the empire.

The Holy Empire, in order to obtain their cooperation in an emergency, acknowledged the independence of the regional cities. The Holy Empire sought cooperation from the regional cities. But they dispatched an army, using their pledge as a front to unfairly demand submission.

Noble FamiliesEdit

There are a few noble families who had supported the imperial family for generations. Among those who are mentioned are:

  • House of Lugam, who serves as prime ministers
  • House of Zafir, who serves as the commander of the Shining Leaf Knights
  • House of Lewis, which is full of renowned archers
  • House of Rantzess

Holy Imperial ArmyEdit

They're divided into four branches. The first branch is led by Supreme Commander Damdin and they're in charge of Torgia Floating Fortress, which is able to move about on water. The second branch led by Quinelia Lewis has their base in Acritesse and is in charge of the defense at the southwestern part of the capital. The third branch led by Dirom Rantzess is in charge of northern region. It's unknown who leads the fourth branch, which is in charge of eastern region.

Holy Aionian Empire (200 years ago)Edit

Transcending 100 years, the Hero met with his heroic ancestor, Torwald Albarek. The wars that concern The Hundredth-Year Monster calls the Stars of Destiny to the past. Upon arriving 200 years past, they saw the Aionian Holy Imperial Army and the Imperial Princess, Astrid, who led them. And they meet both the Hero and Torwald's ancestor, Syldis, and many other people of the past, inducing a pre-destined chain of events into the past.

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