The Higheast Rebellion is a war in which southern Harmonian forces, working with Highland loyalists in the Higheast Province, led an invasion of the area in order to reclaim the land which had once belonged to Harmonia over 200 years ago and which they had in fact gifted to the first King of Highland, Maroux Blight. Harmonian troops entered the region as the New State Army, assisted by several former Allied Army officers engaged them within the region.

The former Chancellor of the Dunan Republic, Shu, quickly rushed into action on behalf of the Republican Army, realizing that the situation could become a protracted war unless dealt with swiftly. Shu devised a plan which stirred up internal conflict within the Harmonian government; with the prospect of internal discord now hanging over the heads of the Harmonian forces, the New State Army managed to push back the invaders, securing the province once again.

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