Higheast map

Map of the Higheast Province

The Higheast Province is a provincial subdivision of the Muse Principality as a result of Highland Kingdom's defeat in the Dunan Unification War. It is a provincial subdivision of Muse, one of the . It is located in the east area of the Dunan Republic and borders the oceans to the east.

The region's name is an amalgamation of "Highland", the previous name for the area, and "East", referring to its position on the eastern coast of the Dunan region.


Due to its proximity to Harmonia, this piece of land holds great strategic value for the Dunan Republic. This province is neighboured by ocean to the east, and pirates often raid the coast.

The year 472 saw the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia attempt an invasion of Higheast in cooperation with Highland loyalists. As the Highland Kingdom had been something of a Harmonian vassal state, Harmonia saw this as territorial reclamation.

The Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force entered the region. Although the Dunan Republican Army mobilised and a great number of warriors friendly to the nation also fought in the conflict, a full-scale war was averted thanks to the former Chancellor of the nation, Shu.

In secret, Shu drafted a plot to cause internal discord within Harmonia. A plot that succeeded very well, as it forced Harmonia to withdraw their troops from Higheast in order to quell the discord, ending the rebellion.

Since then, Higheast remains the most turbulent area of the Dunan Republic.

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