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"Right now, you don't have to think about anything! But stand up straight! Stand up, and move forward!"

Hero is the Tenkai Star of Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century. Although no official name was released for the Hero as of yet, he is recognized by Japanese fans as Natasaka.



A young swordsman from Telbe Village who is determined to fight "The Hundredth-Year Monster" which appears every 100 years and devours everything. He is actually the descendant of "Torwald Albarek", a great hero who saved the world from the Centennial Monster with his companions 100 years prior.

His father died when he was a child. His mother "Signey" was a swordswoman of the Blue Flash style and had instructed him in its ways when he was 5 years old. He lost his mother after she was killed while fending off Ionian soldiers, leaving him only her side-arm sword which dates back to Torwald's era as a memento. Ever since, he has kept perfecting his sword-fighting for the next 100 year calamity which was due to commence.

He later meets Zephon, who tells him the secret of the mysterious tree which will change the course of history.

Role in the GameEdit


As the main protagonist of the game, he is an automatically recruited character (present).


As a playable combatant with the job class of a swordsman, he is able to acquire all six techniques available for swordsman class. If the player increases the relationship between him, Ilia, and Schellendrum, he will get the sub-class as a Medic and learn its skills.

Signature Skill Edit

1st Style: Cut (始之型・断) - Target and deals a small damage to a single enemy.

Co-op Attacks Edit

He is able to participate in several Co-op Attacks:

  • Blue Flash Style Heroes: with either Mazarica or Syldis. Increases strength.
  • W-Leader: with Torwald. Increases strength.
  • Telbe Village Spirit: with Myura and Ilia. Increases agility and accuracy.


  • Natasaka is the hero's Japanese fan-made name.
  • He always carry his sidearm sword, which is unique sword passed as heirloom. Then again, both the Hero and his ancestor never appear to actually use it.
  • The sidearm dagger is actually a ceremonial dagger belonging to Astrid's family. She assumed that she would someday give that dagger to a swordsman that had worked well for her and that swordsman is Hero's ancestor. (It can be safely assumed that she would later give it to Syldis.)
  • His starting money is 1,000 Potch.
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