The Harmonian Caste System describes the social stratification and social restrictions in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, in which social classes are defined by family line, genetic heritage, race and place of birth.

Third-class citizens are taxed heavily, not allowed to trade, and cannot travel freely. They are also described as being worked and treated like slaves. They are "allowed to live" if they can provide a service to Harmonia. Those who are conquered by Harmonia are frequently turned into third-class citizens. Children of third-class citizens are taken to Crystal Valley to work for first-class citizens and are taught to think like Harmonians and integrated into Harmonian society. Second-class citizens are taxed less heavily and have the trade and travel restrictions removed. Second-class citizenship has been offered as a reward to third class soldiers who prove their worth to Harmonia.

Outside the Caste SystemEdit

The Temple
Members of the temple exist entirely outside the regular social structure of Harmonia.

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