Suikoden IIEdit

For Bow users. Attacks all enemies for 1/2 damage.

Suikoden IIIEdit

A rune for Bow users, damage times 0.4 to foes in area.

Suikoden V Edit

A rune for bow users, deals 0.5x damage to all foes. Then the user becomes Unbalanced.

Suikoden TacticsEdit

Known as the "Hawk Rune" it is a rune for Bow users, it attacks are:

  • Shadow Weave: Chance to cause Shadow Weave status effect (immobilize).
  • Strong Arm: Deals 1.5x the normal damage to one foe. User becomes unbalanced.
  • Dance of the Hawk: Deals 1x the normal damage + Shadow Weave status to all foes in 2-3 panel radius. User Unbalanced.

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