Gorudo has been the Captain of the White Knights for quite a while. Due to the White Knights being the highest tier within the Matilda Knights, he is the leader of the Matilda Knights.


Suikoden IIEdit

Gorudo's first known political involvement was when he and Alec Wisemail poisoned the Karaya chief Kianu. As he continued to serve within the Jowston Alliance, he used his strong military to intimidate other members of the Alliance. To him, his self-interest was enough of a cause to sacrifice his knight's code. His policy of strengthening Matilda made it one of the richest members of the Alliance, but his political actions had dire consequences. For example, because he was unwilling to help Muse defend itself when Highland attacked, other members of the alliance became reluctant to help, which ended up in Muse's defeat (despite Viktor's mercenaries being able to defeat Solon Jhee initially). Also, Gorudo's unwillingness to rescue refugees from Muse prompted the defection of Camus and Miklotov along with a bulk of his forces to the Allied Forces.

When Matilda was attacked by forces led by Leon Silverberg, Gorudo surrendered without a fight in exchange of autonomy. Subsequently, Matilda was attacked by the Allied Forces; however, he found Riou and Jowy in Rockaxe Castle arguing and used the opportunity to kill them both, but fatally injured Nanami instead. An angry Riou and Jowy immediately killed Gorudo.


Gorudo will be fought once Jowy rejoins the fight with Riou.

Unlike most bosses, who were jump and kill, Gorudo will move forward and bash the enemy with his sword.

As a boss character, Gorudo is equipped with an Earth Rune.

He is able to cast Earthquake on both Riou and Jowy, dealing damage. He also has an unnamed earth spell that damages one enemy with a powerful tremor. In order to defeat him, using both Riou and Jowy's true runes' level 4 spells will cause quick, heavy damage. This is Jowy's last appearance as a party member and will allow one to see his level 4 Black Sword Rune spell, Hungry Friend.

War TacticsEdit

Gorudo appears while aiding Riou and his group in the battle against the Highland army in Muse. During the capture of the refugees in Muse, his stats are an attack of 11 and defense of 13. When he sides with Jowy and his group in honor for his knights in Matilda, after both Miklotov and Camus have defected to join in Riou's group, Gorudo's stats are an attack 9 and defense of 12, in which his attack power has decreased by 2 and his defense has decreased by 1, and is capable of attacking his opponents, but always defends in battle. 

His defeat quote, when he was defeated by Riou or his comrades, is:

"My... My knights...."


  • During the fight with Gorudo, he uses an unnamed spell. The only other boss known to do this is Lucia.
  • In some parts of the translation, and in his theme song his name is translated to Gordeau.
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