The Golden Hydra is the Sovereign Rune incarnate, summoned by Emperor Barbarossa in a final desperate attempt to fend off the Toran Liberation Army's representatives who had come on top of Gregminster Palace at the end of the Toran Liberation War.

The Liberation Army's leader Tir McDohl led the party, accompanied by Flik and Viktor who had expressed their wish to put an end to the Empire with their own hands. Three other members of the Liberation Army were fighting alongside them.

But this ferocious Hydra proved to be a fearsome opponent, sporting three heads that each had special powers. The left head of the Hydra could breathe fire upon the whole party, seriously damaging its members. The middle head was able to summon a mighty thunderstorm to fall on the group, hurting every fighter, or to breathe another type of fire attack for general damage. And the right head had the ability to revive and heal a dead head, giving it 2,000 HP back; however, this recovery was not efficient on live heads. In addition to these special capacities, each head could attack any member of the fighting party with a compression spell, regardless of their placement in the group.

In the end, neither the Hydra's intimidating howls and growls, nor its desperate fighting, could prevent the little party from defeating it. With the Hydra beaten, Emperor Barbarossa reappeared and recognized his defeat, even going so far as to admit that he lied to Lady Windy, taking full responsibility for his mistakes and wrongful ways.

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