This is a list of the enemies found in Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century.


Name Description Drops Location
NPJH50535 00297
Mountain Bat
A monster than mainly inhabits Lake South Valley. They don't really have anything special about them and aren't difficult to defeat, but regardless, they're a monster. You shouldn't underestimate them.
  • Black Thigh Meat
  • Wind Stone
NPJH50535 00299
Skull Bat
A bat who scavenge for dead flesh and usually live in caverns. They attack using ultrasonic wave and more dangerous than normal bats.
NPJH50535 00300
Torch Bat
A bat who holds fire element within them, but aside from that they're just normal bat and has no special attacks.
NPJH50535 00301
Frost Bat
A bat who accumulated ice power within them, but just like Torch Bat, they don't have any special characteristics or special attacks.
  • Ice Stone
  • Wind Stone
  • Black Thigh Meat
NPJH50535 00302
They have a fast flying speed. They don't have any special attacks, but with their wings and eyes that won't let their prey escape, you should still be cautious of them.
  • Wind Stone
NPJH50535 00303
Fire Eagle
An eagle with the power of fire. Anyone who made them angry should be sacrificed to them, or else they might burn the whole mountain.
NPJH50535 00304
Snow Eagle
An eagle with the power of ice. They're feared due to their ability to cause snowstorm with the flaps of their wings. They're actually kind creature, but they don't show mercy to those who dare to come to their dwellings.
  • Wind Stone

NPJH50535 00305
Minor Condor

A bald eagle which hunts in groups. Their meat taste so unpleasant that it's not consumable.
NPJH50535 00306
Major Condor
The leader of condors. They lead minor condors to hunt in deserts and attacks using their wings. This one's meat also taste unpleasant and unconsumable.


Name Description Drops Location
NPJH50535 00307
Fanged Rabbit
There's a debate among girls whether a Fanged Rabbit could be considered as cute or not, but in this world there are incomprehensible things like "something that's disgusting but also cute".
  • Hard Tusk

NPJH50535 00308
Killer Rabbit

Said to be a variety of Fanged Rabbit. Different to the Fanged Rabbit, this one received a lot of comment saying that "it's not cute". Somehow that makes it seems pitiful.
NPJH50535 00309
Daddy Rabbit
If a Fanged Rabbit could live long, then it would turn into a Daddy Rabbit. But there are a lot of unexplained points regarding this transformation. Killer Rabbit and Daddy Rabbit could only live in particular areas.
NPJH50535 00310
Soldier Boar
The monster that must be fought by training warriors so they'll get used to fight alone.
  • Beast's Gastric Juice
  • Spotted Boned Rib
  • Hard Tusk
NPJH50535 00311
Sergeant Boar
  • Hard Tusk
  • Spotted Boned Rib
NPJH50535 00312
Pluto Boar
NPJH50535 00313
Kaiser Boar
NPJH50535 00314
NPJH50535 00315
Black Buffalo
NPJH50535 00316
Gigas Buffalo
Spring Bear
  • Spotted Boned Rib
Autumn Bear
Winter Bear
Unicorn Tiger
Tricorn Tiger
Durable Tiger
Drag Leon
King Leon
Spring Dragon
  • Hunting
Fall Dragon
  • Hunting
Winter Dragon
  • Hunting
Red Dragon
  • Hunting
Blue Dragon
  • Hunting
Dark Dragon
  • Hunting
Wolvan Blizzard
Wolvan Flame


※ Locations marked with * signifies that they appear in that location as a boss fight.

Name Description Drops Location
Imperial Ruffian
  • Used Sword
Imperial Swordsman
Imperial Lancer
Imperial Archer
Imperial Magician
Imperial Hexer
Imperial Healer
Imperial Bard
Imperial Officer
Imperial Defensive Archer
Armored Personnel
Imperial Guard
Dark Knight
Dark Shaman
Bloody Axe Warrior
Bloody Axe Magician
Bloody Axe Hexer
Bloody Axe Ninja
Scaled Horde
  • Wolf Fang
Scaled Soldier
Scaled Archer
  • Short Bow
Scaled Mage
  • Fairy's Wand
Scaled Sorcerer
Scaled Wizard
Scaled Warlock
Scaled Shaman
Scaled Surgeon
Dark Sagittarius
Immortal Sagittarius
Wasp Breeder
Ice Bandit
  • Steel Ring
Ice Chieftain
Depraved Monk
Fugitive Ninja Hunter
Evil Ninja
Ground Insect
Ninja Leader
  • Muramasa
Mad Warrior
  • Mad Tonfa
Wicked Warrior
Desert Barbarian
Minor Efreet
Major Efreet
Lord Sagittarius
  • Silvan Bow


※ Locations marked with * signifies that they appear in that location as a boss fight.

Name Description Drops Location
Tellus Belva
Tellus Prova
Tellus Lyuba
Tellus Cruva
Tellus Entoma
Tellus Protoma
Tellus Crutoma
Tellus Efimera
Tellus Promera
Tellus Crumera
Tellus Ragona
Tellus Progona
Tellus Crugonas
Tellus Deglergo
Tellus Cacaue
Tellus Procaca
Tellus Crucaca
Tellus Chevalier
Tellus Mie-tha


Name Description Drops Location
Drag Weed
  • Dragon Grass
Drag Flower
  • Poison Crystallization
  • Dragon Grass's Fruit


Name Description Drops Location
Poison Scorpion
  • Poison Crystallization
Sand Worm
Fire Worm
Ice Worm


Name Description Drops Location
Coldhearted Spirit
  • Ice Stone
Passionate Spirit
Bandit Ghoul
  • Copper Ring
Soldier Ghoul